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    1250pts Inquisitorial Stormtrooper Blitzkrieg list.

    Hey guys. I play a lot of 40k and have been allying inquisition with Imperial Guard for a while, however I decided to try it the other way around for once. I want this list to be competitive, so please, kick the crap of out of this list to make it decent:


    Inquisitor Lord - 135
    Power Weapon
    Bolt Pistol
    3x Crusaders
    Carapace Armour

    Cannoness - 130
    Inferno Pistol
    Jump Pack
    Cloak of Saint Asperia
    Book of Saint Lucius


    2x Daemon Hosts - 170

    Inquisitor - 30
    Power Weapon

    Inquisitor - 30
    Power Weapon


    5x Storm Troopers - 70
    2x Plasma Weapons

    8x Storm Troopers - 155
    Power Weapon
    Extra Armour

    5x Storm Troopers - 70
    Power Weapon

    Infantry Platoon (Inducted) - 190
    Platoon Command Squad
    Infantry Squad
    Infantry Squad
    Heavy Weapons Squad
    3x Missile Launchers

    Heavy Support:

    Immolator - 70
    Extra Armour

    Immolator - 65

    Exorcist - 135

    GRAND TOTAL: 1250pts

    The Plan:

    Inquisitor Lord - Jump in the Immolator with extra armour, immolate stuff, then jump out and butcher MEQ with 14 power weapon attacks (on the charge).

    Cannoness - My favourite build for cannoness. She will hunt tanks, jetting round and shooting them with the inferno pistol (then hide behind the wreckage of the tank) or, failing that, use the eviserator to go "can-opener style"

    Daemonhosts - I would probably put these somewhere out of sight, and then roll till I received the teleport or timeshift power, then teleport/24" move & charge them into combat. A wonderfully destructive unit. I am also using the flamers of Tzeench models from fantasy, so they look very pretty.

    Inquisitor 1 - Attach to Storm Trooper 2 for additional power weapon attacks.

    Inquisitor 2 - Attach to Storm Trooper 3 for additional power weapon attacks

    Storm Trooper 1 - Sit at back and shoot, plasmas for anti MEQ

    Storm Trooper 2 - ride the rhino, pop out, shoot, then assault (not is same turn ofc)

    Storm Trooper 3 - ride in the second immolator, pop out, shoot, then assault (not in same turn ofc)

    Inducted guard - Here to just bulk out the numbers, however the heavy weapons team can take care of hordes and tanks

    Immolator 1 - Carry the Inquisitor Lord

    Immolator 2 - Carry the Storm Troopers

    Exorcist - Blast enemy armour and/or elite squads.

    What do you think? All comments and criticisms heartily welcomed!

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