Hey guys, In a few weeks there's a Killteam tournament coming up in the local area, and I've been pondering about what to put in.

The rules are here:

Modified Kill Team rules.

I've been going over a couple of lists, originally running a platoon, then Veterans, but then I settled on two possible lists:

List 1:

Storm Troopers (/w Infiltrate) x8

2x Plasma Gun.

(193 pts)

One trooper will get Feel No Pain. The other two USRs I'll work out.

List 2:

Storm Troopers(/w Infiltrate) x5
2x Plasma Gun

5x Rough Riders

One Plasma Gunner would get Feel No Pain.
One of the Rough Riders would get Furious Charge.

What do you guys think?

The first one would do well against any GEQs, and the infiltration will come in handy, as will the 4+ save. The AP3 should help against Marines, and the two plasma rifles should be able to handle their targets.

The second one sacrifices 3 Hellguns for a small squad of Rough Riders. Not much for shooting, but on the charge they'll certainly inflict their wounds. In addition, they've got more models on the field (though at a weaker save)