Ok i am going to be playing somebody on monday at 1750 points and maybe 2,000. I have some ideas what to use however i am unsure about what units would be best. I have a rought idea what he might play with.

His chaos army might consist something along the lines of this:


10x chaos termies (this unit goes with abadon to make a nasty ccb unit)
champion w pf x5

3 squads of khorn berserkers


2 units of 2 oblits


Not sure how many points that is as i don't play chaos but his theme is Khorn and i saw him play with this though it might have been 2,000. For his deamons i have less of an idea of what he might use though i think chances is he will play his chaos.

If he used deamons he would have a soul grinder

nurgle deamon prince x2

scarbrand (appologies on the spelling here)

around 20 blood letters

some horrors.

Anyway i thought up this army to play against this:

Chaplain cassius (125)

Librarian (100 )
null zone

Land raider redeemer (265)
extra armour

Assault termies x5 (200 )
3x TH SS
2x LC's

Preditor (165)
all lasacannons

Vindicator x2 (230 )

Tactical marines x10 (245)
plasma gun
plasma cannon
serg w pf

Tactical marines x10 (210)
melta gun

Attack bikes x2 (100 )
multi-melta x2

Dreadnought (110 )
assault cannon

total = 1750

Plan with this army is for lib cassius and terms to go in the LR making a uber killy unit which might be able to take on the big termies squad he might bring. This army is quite fast and i will probable castle up on one half so i can deal with his army bit by bit. Apart from that my list really speaks for itself.

advice and help would be greatly aprreciated