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Thread: 1500 point army

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    1500 point army

    Company command squad 50
    Bolt pistol 2
    Missile launcher 15
    2 x Grenade launcher 10
    Power weapon 10
    Total 82

    3x Platoon command squad 90
    3x bolt pistol 6
    3x power weapon 30
    3x missile launcher 45
    3x vox caster 15
    6x grenade launcher 30
    Total 201

    6x Infantry squad 300
    6x bolt pistols 12
    6x grenade launcher 30
    6x vox caster 30
    6x missile launcher 90
    Total 462

    Heavy support

    Demolisher 165
    Plasma cannons 40
    Heavy flamer Free

    Total 205

    Fast attack
    2x Hell hound 260
    2x Vendetta 260

    Total: 520

    Grand Total 1470

    Plan: Keep troops static hopefully holding the enemy in place, Vendetta sweeps for armour and hellhounds+demolisher hook their "star" players.

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    Alright mate. First off I'd remove those individual points costs before someone blows a valve.


    Looks alright. M-Launchers aren't the best weapons in the world. Autocannons seem to work out better against pretty much everything going. But they suit g-Launchers very well and look cool. It's something to consider but it's not a massive problem.

    Ditch the Power weapon. guard in combat aren't brilliant and as your CCS is there hiding at the back and shooting stuff rather than getting stuck in I wouldn't bother with it.

    So 3 Platoons then? I would ditch some gear here. Bolt pistols for one, Vox Casters you don't really need, nor do you need power weapons.

    Loosing the Pistols, Vox and Power weapons gets you 93pts from your troops alone. I'm sure you can spend those points better elsewhere. Like getting some Special weapon squads to ride in the Vendettas? Or better yet just give the PCS 4 special weapons and have them ride in the Vendettas?
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    Got to agree with most of what Borak said. Ditch the PWeapons and the Bolt Pistols. It's fine to keep MLs on the CCS because they have a good BS but Platoon Squads want at least two shot weapons, which means ACs. Voxes are largely a waste, I've never lost a game because an order failed and with Ld8 I rarely fail anyways.

    Run the Demolisher naked, HF is good. Instead of squadding the Vendettas or Hellhounds, drop a Hellhound. With the points saved and cutting some other guns, you can get a second Demolisher. IG doesn't like things in 1's typically, double up where you can but don't squad.

    The PCS can camp with an AC (nothing else, don't make them expensive) or jump in a Vendetta with Flamers. I'd leave at least 1 back, FRFSRF is very useful.
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