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    1500 Mech list....

    Hey, here is a mech list i have come up with, and would like opnions/improvement ideas....

    Librarian (Null Zone & something else) 100

    Ironclad Dread 135
    -Drop Pod

    Dreadnaught (LC) 135

    Dreagnaught (PC) 115

    Tac Squad (LC, MG, sgt. with Combi Melta 7 PW) 215
    -Razorback (TL LC) 75

    Tac Squad (LC, MG, sgt. with Combi Melta 7 PW) 215
    -Razorback (TL LC) 75

    Predator (All LC) 165

    Vindicator 115

    Vindicator 115

    that leaves 15 points....

    This is essentially quite a defensive list, tac squads will probably split up (with MG and Sgt in razorbacks), so LC can sit back, both normally dreads and pedator to do that as well.....

    Other options which may fit, would be have rhino's, and then upgrade vindicators to predators (with all LC), but not sure if thats worth it, or if it fits, it probably doesn't...

    But what other improvements can i make (also with 15 points, do i give the tac squads melta bombs? or give the Iron clad hunter killers/assault launchers?)


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    I like where you're going but you need more Razorbacks and less Dreads. An Ironclad dropped alone will probably just die as the enemy advances at you, it's only useful against Tau and IG, mostly Tau. I'd drop it if you face those armies rarely.

    Your Sarge doesn't need a PW, give him a PF or nothing.

    I'd grab MLs over LCs in your Tacticals, you have enough Lascannons, get some things to use against swarm armies and infantry, for free to boot.

    I like PCs or ACs better on your Dreads, good against infantry and light/medium tanks and cheaper. They're your counter-attack option.

    Everything else looks pretty good. Two scoring units might bite you, consider dropping the Predator for a third unit, you should have points if you swap out some guns and you'd lose 3 lCs to pick up 1 TL LC, 1 ML, a scoring unit and some Meltas. Not an awful trade.
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