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    1850 Revamped IG Army List...Beginner's attempt

    After looking at everyone's two cents on their army structures and strategy styles, I've streamlined my army so that there isn't a point wasted or unnecessary IMO. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

    HQ- 170 pts

    Company Command Squad (Cadian)
    Company Commander
    Standard Bearer
    3x Plasma Guns

    Company Command Squad (Vostroyan)
    Company Commander
    2x Grenade Launcher
    2x Veterans

    Elites - 185 pts

    10x Kasrkin Stormtroopers
    Sergeant w/ power sword
    2x Melta

    Troops - 605 pts

    Platoon Command Squad (Cadian)
    4x Flamers

    Infantry Squad A (Cadian)
    2x Grenade Launcher
    16x Troopers w/ Lasguns

    Infantry Squad B (Cadian)
    2x Grenade Launcher
    16x Troopers w/ Lasguns

    Veteran Squad 1 (Vostroyan)
    Heavy Bolter Team
    2x Snipers
    5x Veterans

    Veteran Squad 2 (Vostroyan)
    2x Melta
    7x Veterans

    Veteran Squad 3 (Vostroyan)
    2x Plasma
    1x Autocannon Team
    5x Veterans

    Fast Attack - 260pts

    Multiple Rocket Pods
    Heavy Bolters

    Scout Sentinel Squadron (3 Sentinels)
    Hunter-Killer Missiles

    Heavy Support - 630pts

    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    Hull mounted Lascannon
    Heavy Bolters

    Leman Russ Executioner
    Hull mounted Heavy Bolter
    Plasma Sponsons

    Leman Russ Demolisher
    Hull Mounted Heavy Flamer
    Multi-Melta Sponsons


    Thanks for looking!

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    I'm at work,so I'm only able to give a quick once over:
    There's not much point to a standard bearer in the CCS, so personally I'd drop it and give them another special weapon (plasma works, though I'd be tempted to give them a medic, for any failed Get's hot rolls).

    The second Comand Command squad is lacking two special weapons. You want to make full use of their BS4. Give 'em 4 launchers, or 4 melta guns, or 4 plasma guns (or 3 plasma guns and a medic), etc...

    Your platoon is kind of confusing and took me a moment to understand it. You're taking four squads, and combining two of them together, to form 2 20 man blobs?

    Anyway, the grenade launchers in these squads are fine, but you're lacking a heavy weapon. They should always have a heavy weapon. Traditional wisdom says go Autocannon, but it's really hard to go wrong either way.

    Drop the vox casters, they are literally useless in this list (as in, they won't work.)

    The Stormtrooper squad you've got is a bit big. I'd cut it down to 2, 5 man squads, to get more special weapons in there. Power weapon isn't really a good choice, but it's not totally terrible either.

    Veterans should always have max special weapons before any other squad gets it. Take away special weapons from your Platoons and use the points to get Vets their guns. They're BS4. Gotta use it to full advantage.

    With that: Drop the sniper rifles, they're terrible. Absolute rubbish. If you want to see what it takes to have a good sniper rifle, look at Eldar Pathfinders. If your unit isn't an Eldar Pathfinder, it shouldn't have a sniper rifle. (if you want snipers, take ratlings. With that in mind, don't take ratlings)

    Vet Squad 2 should have 3 melta guns. Demolitions doctrine is nice (and has some synergy) but is not required.

    Vet squad 3 again only has 2 special weapons. Ideally, your veteran squads should all be identical. You want redundancy.

    All vet squads: If you're taking a heavy weapon, it's Autocannon or Bust. You want something rapid fire enough to cause damage to monstrous creatures, yet long range enough to help hit tanks when they're on the point. Autocannons do this role well.

    Valkyrie, fine (I'm not going to push Vendettas on you), but drop the Heavy Bolters. Valkyries are fast skimmers, which means you can fly 12 inches, fire one weapon, and all defensive weapons. With Rocket Pods, this means you get your two S4 large blasts, plus your S6 multi-laser. If you have heavy bolters, you have to move slow (6 inches or less) to fire everything. Avoid this situation at all costs. In an ideal world, you'd have two Valkyries (since anything you can put on that chasis is a threat and will draw fire.)

    Scout Sentinels: Nothing wrong here. Outflank. Dakka Dakka.Dead.

    Russes. Ah, Russes. All hull mounted weapons should be heavy flamers unless pask is in it. Otherwise a lascannon is a waste of points.
    Executioner is fine with sponsons. Its hull weapon should be a flamer too, but, heavy bolters *can* work (even if flamers are still better)
    Demolisher, fine.I'd personally drop the sponsons. They're a lot of points that can be used elsewhere.

    Basically, to summarize, you've got a lot of points in upgrades/weapons that aren't very effective in the roles you'll be putting them in. Shave these points, move things around. You lack Chimeras, and only have a single transport in your list. You need a transport for your Veterans at the very least. If it comes down to it: Drop a veteran squad and get more chimeras.

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