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    help with first 40K army 1000 pts Space Wolves

    I just received my first boxes of Space Wolves, so my First 40K army of 1000 pts. isn’t far away anymore. Unfortunately my rulebook still isn’t there yet. But for now I need some advice in how to build me troops and Heavy Support and Rhino’s/ Razorbacks (especially weapon choices are hard).
    I was thinking about the follow list 1000 pts. list. Mission is to learn 40k pretty quick, and a list that works well and expend quit easy to a larger 40k List of 1500 till 1700 (with a about 90% of the 1000 pts. list).
    My list:

    Rune Priest: Jaws, Living Lightning

    3 Wolf Guard, combi melta + powerfist. Split this unit up to a leader for each troop choice

    8x Grey Hunters: 6x standard bolter, 1x wolf standard, 1x with meltagun + Rhino (Rune Priest goes here)
    9x Grey Hunters: 7x standard bolter, 1x wolf standard, 1x met meltagun + Rhino
    9x Grey Hunters: 7x standard bolter, 1x wolf standard, 1x met meltagun + Rhino

    Heavy Support
    Vindicator + Siege Shield
    Predator with …

    The rune priest with psychic power is pretty standard I believe.

    The troop choices is it a good start and what about the weapon choices? I believe with the Wolf Guard it is very welcome to use his leadership, the wolf standard supposed to do something very nice (I am not sure what). And the 2 melta weapons are very nice to shoot at tanks I believed?

    Heavy Support
    I believe there are some suggestions I heard here and there, I was thinking about 2 Vindicators, 2 Predators, or one of each. Or maybe swap one unit of Long Fangs in a Razroback, or a unit of 2 Landspeeders.

    I just bought the Vindicator and the Predator, because what I Like about 40k is the tanks! But again I my doubt is with the weapons again… The Vindicator is quit standard with a Siege Shield, Is this the bull dozer shuffle infront of it, or is it something else? So it can be build straight away and not much surprsises.
    For the predator, I want to magnetize the weapons so I can swop them very easily. The lascannons on its side or the Bolter thing?, the autocannon on top or the Twin linked lascannon. And how about the Stormbolter, build it ot not?… what is a good option for this predator in this list and for the future and what should we certainly do not…?
    And last how should I build my weapons for the Rhino or Razorblades…(I want to magnetize as much as I can do). Exept for options you should never really use.

    Remarks and solutions very welcome!

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    Congrats on you first batch of models for your 40K army. Good to always see some new players. However, I have a statement. Learning 40K as quickly as possible is like trying to find a needle in 10,000 haystacks. It will take a lot of time to learn even the most basic of rules, and it just so happens that even the most diehard veteran of 40K could possibly know everything about the game. There is just too much.

    Now to your list. I like it. Not bad for a first attempt. Lets look at it more closely.

    Yeah, this pretty much the basic setup for a Rune Priest, and one of the most effective as well. I would suggest equipping Melta Bombs on him as well, just as the added insurance too. But other than that, fairly solid.

    Again, not looking too shabby. I am a bit against combi-weapons for some unknown reason; it might be because their are so many other more logical options to choose from. I would personally mix things up a little bit in variation between the three Guard. I would remove all of the combi-meltas from them, and two of the Power Fists, and give them something else. That would be up to you. Might I suggest though, a Thunder Hammer on one, and maybe a Wolf Claw on another. Therefore, seeing as how you are attaching a Wolf Guard to each Grey Hunter squad, you will have one adept at taking out vehicles, one for infantry, and one for all purposes.

    Is there anything else you can take? 8-9 is a great amount to take, as the enemy will definitely be pressured into comitting their valuable units against them personally, and they are more then competent in being able to hold off even the most ferocious of attackers. However, you need to take ranged weapons that will complement the close combat prowess of those that are leading them. Therefore, the Meltagun should stay with the squad where the Thunder Hammer-weilding Guard is, the Flamer should go with the Wolf Claw-wielder, and the Plasma Gun with the all rounder. But other than that, a fine job. I can see you are opting for Rhino spam, and this is a viable tactic when in missions that use objectives, and against armies that do not have a major amount of models that can block their line of defence. Against hordes, maybe a Drop Pod would be more viable, but that is up to you. With this list, you would not be able to model Razorbacks, as they only have a transport capacity of 6 models, so you will have to go with the Rhino.

    Heavy Support
    The Vindicator is a good choice, especially since you are using Rhinos, it will be able to surely whittle down the enemy's frontline, thus enabling you to get your precious troops up close and personal, as to where they were designed to be, or to any objectives that need be captured. The Siege Shield is indeed the massive 'scoop' on the front of the vehicle, and is essentially just a larger version of the Dozer Blade, which would also be found on the front of a vehicle, but not quite as large as the Siege Shield. As to your Predator, there is much you could do here. It is entirely up to you how you want to outfit your Pred. I will just clarify your questions. The standard weapon on the top of the vehicle is the Autocannon. That can be replaced with a twin-linked lascannon, which I would seriously consider taking. The weapons on the side of the vehicle are the heavy bolters, and they are refered to as 'Side Sponson' weapons. I would take those as well, but they are a little expensive, so you would have to remove some points elsewhere from your army. That I will leave up to you.

    Other than those few points, I think that you have done a solid job, and hopefully it will win you many a great battle in the future.

    Good Hunting.
    Light a fire for a man, and he will be warm for a night. Light a man on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life.

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    I'd dump Jaws. It'll disappoint you constantly against anything but Hive Guard and Tervigons. Tempest's Wrath or Stormcaller are better second powers. A Chooser of the Slain is a really good idea if you're taking Living Lightning. Makes it hurt a bit more.

    The Troops are alright, but I'd stick a power weapon and Mark of the Wulfen into each squad. Ditch a couple of models to fit them in if you have to. Gives them a bit more bite against Marines and Feel No Pain. The Wolf Standards are what they are; I don't like them personally, but they're cheap enough that you won't lose anything by keeping them.

    Vindicators are a bit of a waste in Rhino lists, I think. One Weapon Destroyed result makes it worthless; people will tell you that you can still use it for Tank Shocking and stuff, but you're still down a gun and a full squad of models thanks to the cost of the thing. It has front AV13, but using a Vindicator in a Rhino list means it wants to be moving forward; that means people can hit your side armour, which isn't a good thing.

    If you want to build a shooty army around Razorbacks then Vindicators are a good idea, otherwise you want one or two Predators instead. They can sit in the backfield and pop away at stuff without ever needing to move forward to keep in touch with your Rhinos, which means anyone who shoots at them is only ever shooting at the front facing. Give the Predator(s) a pair of Heavy Bolter sponsons. Between Living Lightning and Meltaguns you'll be able to kill vehicles well enough, so kitting your Preds out with as many shots as possible allows you to put a few wounds into infantry. Which is what you need.

    As far as Razorback options you should never ever take... as far as Wolves are concerned, it's all of them except the Twin-Linked Lascannon or Lascannon/ Twin-Linked Plasma Gun turrets. The Assault Cannons and Heavy Flamers are out because your Razors can only move 6" a turn if they want to shoot, and that makes you far too static to be using such short-ranged weapons, whereas the Heavy Bolters are out simply because you don't need them.

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