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    Blood Angels 1850pts competitive army list

    Hello guys!I am new to blood angels.I used to play black templars.I want to create 1850 competitive army list.Here it is.Criticism are welcome!

    Librarian 170pts
    (terminator armor,storm shield,unleash rage,the blood lance)

    Assault Terminators Squad (with librarian and sanguinary priest in it) 215 pts
    (2 lighting claws,3 thunder hummers and storm shields)

    2 Sanguinary Priests 155 pts
    (terminator armor)(melta bomb lighting claw)
    Fast Attack


    9 Death Company(in rhino) 230 pts
    (2 power fists)
    7 Assault Marines(in rhino)(with sanguinary priest) 166pts
    (power fist,melta bomb)
    10 Tactical Marines Squad(5 marines in rhino) 190pts

    Dedicated Transport

    Rhino(for assault marines) 20pts
    Rhino 50 pts Rhino 50pts

    Land Raider Crusader 260pts
    Heavy Support

    8 men Devastator squad 198pts
    (4 plasma cannons)
    Vindicator 145pts

    1849 pts

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    Pts are off on your librarian, he is only 145pts. I like him as an epistolary with might of heroes and sanguine sword myself.

    Those pts get you extra armor on your vindicator and a meltagun in your assault squad.

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    This is an eggs in one basket list, that being your Land Raider. You need to take a few eggs OUT of that basket.

    Take the Librarian out, run him as he comes with 2 powers. Personally I think Fear and Lance are the best, makes him a potent shooter while still a good fighter. Run the Termies with the Priest, still plenty to grab attention but not enough to hurt you if it goes bad.

    I'm not a DC fan. They don't score and get WAY to expensive. I'd take a 6 man unit with 2 PFs and Jump Packs if I had too. It's 30 points more but a Rhino will not get them there. It will draw fire but it's not going to make it and you NEED them to make it. Running behind a Rhino screen is far safer and far deadlier.

    Make your Assault Squad 9 man, with a PF Sarge and meltagunner no Bombs. Run the Priest with a LC and Combi-Melta to make up for the lack of a second one.

    Your split squad doesn't need Meltabombs and might be better off with a Razorback to shoot while only holding 5 men. You could put the Librarian with them, or give him a Jump Pack/Wings and run him with the DC. A Jump Pack also let's him accurately Deep Strike as your armor hits home, letting him drop a Lance down the flank which can be devastating.

    Devs should be 5 man, you don't need useless wound buffers. Plasma Cannons have a shorter range than is optimum, overheat and are situationally useful. Go with Missile Launchers which are always useful and won't kill your men.

    Hope that helps.
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