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Thread: 1500 pt list

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    1500 pt list

    New 1500 pt list

    Space Marine Chapter Master Lightning Claw, Artificer Armor, & Hellfire Rounds 165
    Space Marine Librarian Epistolary, & BP 150
    Space Marine Tactical Squad 10 man, Melta gun, Missile Launcher, BP and CS Melta Bombs 180
    Space Marine Tactical Squad 10 man, Plasma Gun, plasma Pistol, & Missile launcher 195
    Space Marine Sternguard 2 Combi-Bolters, Power Weapon, & Razorback 190
    Space Marine Terminator 5 man, & Heavy Flamer 205
    Space Marine Scouts 7 man, Heavy Bolter, & Camo Cloaks 132
    Dreadnought Assault Cannon, & Extra Armor 130
    Space Marine Assault Squad 5 man, 2 Plasma Pistols, Melta Bombs & Power Weapon 150

    total 1497

    sorry about the formatting.

    just give me your guy's ideas on the effectiveness of these lists and any suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks for looking

    Vanilla Marine Army 1000 PTs W0/D0/L2
    Space Marine Combat Patrol W0/D1/L0

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    545 (x8)

    More than anything else, you need Power Fists and you need transports.
    This list doesn't seem to have any focus or purpose, it's just a mish mash of different units.

    You have 1 (one!) Meltagun. Do people not play with tanks in your area?
    What powers does the Librarian have? What weapons does the Razorback have? Scouts?

    Here's what I would do:

    - Replace the Chapter Master with a Captain. Relic Blade/Storm Shield is a good combo. Hellfire Rounds is not worth it unless you're on a bike.
    - Replace the Assault Squad with a Command Squad for your Captain. Outfit them for combat.
    - Drop the Terminators. Use the points to buy Rhinos for your Tactical Squads and a Razorback for your Command Squad.
    - Drop the Scouts to a 5-man squad and give them Sniper Rifles/Missile Launcher.
    - Downgrade the Librarian from Epistolary and run him with the Sternguard. Null Zone/Avenger is a good combo here.
    - Give the Sternguard all combi-meltas.
    - Razorbacks should be Las/Plas combo.
    - Plasma isn't a great option for Sergeants. Combi-Meltas would be better to give you some punching power if you come up against a Dreadnought or Tank.
    - Lose Extra Armour on the Dreadnought, give him twin Autocannons and use him to support the Scouts

    Okay, so basically something like this:

    Captain w/ Relic/SS
    Command Squad w/ 1 BP/SS, 1 BP/LC, 1 BP/PW, 1 BP/CCW, 1 Apothecary
    Razorback w/ Las Plas

    Librarian w/ Null Zone, Avenger
    Sternguard w/ 5 Combi-Melta
    Razorback w/ Las Plas

    Dreadnought w/ 2 x Autocannon

    Tactical Squad w/ Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Combi-Melta, Power Fist
    Tactical Squad w/ Meltagun, Missile Launcher, Combi-Melta, Power Fist
    5 Sniper Scouts w/ Camo, Missile Launcher

    I don't have the Codex at hand, so you might have to tweak the points a bit.

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