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    2000pt Codex marines list

    ] Hey all, glad to be here. I recently got back into 40k with a friend, and I've picked up the Black Reach set. I decided to go with the Emperor's Chosen, good old Space Marines. My main problem is, I have not a clue as to where I should go with my list, or for that matter, what to buy. I just ordered 2 more boxes of Tactical Marines today, but other than that, I only have the Dread, 5 termies, the captain, and tactical squad from the set. So, I borrowed my friends Marine codex and decided to get a 2000pt list (which is what we normally play at) for my buying guide as well. This is what I've thrown together so far.

    HQ: Space Marine Captain -150
    -Power Fist
    - Storm Bolter
    - Terminator Armor

    Troops: (All have the standard sergeant, and 10 guys.)
    Tactical Squad 185 pts
    -Plasma Cannon
    -Plasma Gun

    Tactical Squad 180

    Tactical Squad 170
    -Missile Launcher

    Dreadnought 145
    -Missile Launcher
    -TL Lascannon

    Terminators (Just 5 guys, including the sarge) 200
    -Storm Bolter
    -Power Fist

    Heavy Support:
    Devastator Squad (all 10 guys) 295
    -1 ML
    -1 Lascannon
    -1 Heavy Bolter
    -1 Plasma Cannon
    -Drop Pod

    Predator 130
    -Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    -TL Lascannon Turret

    Land Raider (Carries the Termies) 275
    -TL Heavy Bolter
    -TL Lascannon
    -Pintle Multi Melta
    -Extra Armor

    Fast Attack:
    Land Speeder Tornado x3 270
    -Heavy Bolter
    -Assault Cannon

    So, any criticisms or comments are GREATLY appreciated. I think I may have too much heavy support, but I'm an inexperienced Marine recruit. I'm looking for just a simple Vanilla marines list, one that can adapt to the changing battlefield. My only problem is I'm not terribly sure about Assault Marines. Maybe I'm completely brainless. Hope to hear from everyone, and thanks again!


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    Firstly, I would give the Captain a power weapon or relic blade to take advantage of his I.

    Second, with 10 Marines the Tac squads automatically get a Flamer and Missile Launcher for free, so I'd have all the Tac squads with at least the Flamer. They can combat squad for maximum effect. Might want to consider getting a Rhino/Razorback or 2 for the Tac Squads to increase mobility.

    Third, split the Land Speeders into single unit squadrons to increase the area they can cover.
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