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    Sternguard SM 1700 pts, Tournament

    Hi everyone,

    Well I need advice concerning the new vanilla space marine army that I am starting. First off all, I'm hopping for a tournament level army. Secondly, my experiences with marine armies are limited to 3 games played with one chaos space marine list (my source of inspiration for this list). Anyway here's my list, I'll add small comments after it.

    Captain: relic blade, combi-melta; 140 pts

    Tactical squad no.1: 10x, plasma gun, missile launcher, combi plasma & power fist for sergeant, Rhino; 250 pts

    Tactical squad no.2: 10x, plasma gun, missile launcher, combi plasma & power fist for sergeant, Rhino; 250 pts

    Tactical squad no.3: 10x, plasma gun, plasma cannon; 185 pts

    Sternguard Veteran Squad no.1: 9x, 2 meltaguns, power fist, 1 combi-melta, 1 combi-flamer, Rhino; 310 pts

    Sternguard Veteran Squad no.2: 10x, 2 meltaguns, power fist, 2 combi-melta, 1 combi-flamer, Rhino; 335 pts

    Predator: Lascanon sponsons; 120 pts

    Total 1700 pts
    12 kill points

    I build the army with redundancy in my mind. Tactical unit 1 and 2 are mobile plasma gun unit with default power fist and a free missile launcher (don't know if I need it). These two units are supported by Sternguard units 1 and 2 which provide meltaguns against tanks and superior close combat effectiveness. The captain goes into Sternguard unit 1. These four units are my main attack force working together.

    Now, I don't plan on going out of my rhino unless I'm sure of my strategy. This means, I'll probably be shooting my special weapon from the hatch and keep the advantage of being in a transport. I did choose assault weapons (I hesitated between plasma guns and meltaguns) for my sternguards as I feel these would be the units to sent in close combat (hence the extra combi-flamer) but it's going to be a though choice. Once unloaded from transport the fire power of the sternguards combined with the plasma guns in the tactical seems frankly extremely violent: possibly 8 meltagun shots, 2 flamer shots, 20 boltgun special amunitions (and now add the 8 plasma gun shots, boltguns of the tactical and the not to be forgotten storm bolters on the 4 rhinos).

    I added a Predator to deal with transport and a Vindicator because I like the fear factor of a S10 ap2 pie. Although these vehicles add no redundancy to the list, I feel they add to the target saturation of vehicles and perhaps create a target priority nightmare to my opponent.

    Lastly but not the least, Tactical unit 3 is my home base scoring unit. For my heavy weapon I chose something to complement the vindicator: a plasma cannon (I was hesitating with a lascannon but the pred already has 2 + autocannon). The plasma gun is an added bonus possibly unneeded.

    Overall, do you think it's a strong army list? Do you think this list is flexible enough to do well against any opponent? I personally like the simplicity of the list and the fact that I stayed away from deathstar units (land raider + assault terminator).

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    combi-meltas over meltaguns in sternguard units
    Keep the Plasma Cannon
    Vindicator, Delish
    Might wanna grab Dozer Blades if youre unlucky
    Phantom Fists- 1000-1500 3/4/3 (DIY CHAPTER)

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