Hi everyone! I am completely new to Warhammer and am going to start playing with some of my friends. I don't really even know how to play and will be reading on the rules and codex soon! One thing I do know is that I want to play Space Marines! I fell in love with them when I saw a Dreadnaught Any help at all: list, good units, what HQ to use etc.

1. Point Level - 1000 points
2. Army compositional desires - I really want 1 Dreadnaught in the list if possible because I love the way they look. If it's not very good and shouldn't be used then it's ok.
3. I also really like Terminators and Devastators but if this stuff can't be done in a 1000 pt army please explain why it's better to have a different configuration. Not because I doubt you but just because I would like to learn how to build an army better. Also could the army focus primarily be range please. I always preferred playing games and units with the range sniper kind of type of people. Kind of the reason why I chose the DA because I hear they excel in range combat...
4. Which Codex you prefer - Dark Angel please

I would like to have the list of the Dark Angel Codex please.

Thanks again for whoever will help me with my list. I appreciate it very much!