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    1500pts Inquisition WH & DH competitive tourny list, critisism welcome.

    Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Lord - 110
    Eviscerator, His will be done (instant killing t3 characters, mangling vehicles + walkers + MCs and doules wounds for combat resolution purposes)
    Psychic hood, hexagramic wards (tips the balance against ld10 psychers)
    Retinue - 146
    3 warriors: 2 crusaders, combat servitor (bring the pain)
    3 acolytes: power armour, mancatcher (3 wounds allocatable to 3+ armoured bodies and 3 attacks denied)
    chirurgeon (that makes 7 wounds averted from my lord)
    Landraider - 255
    Dozer blader (I am concerned of a lack of "assault vehicle" special rule even though the machine spirit has returned thanks to FAQ's)

    Stormtroopers x 10 - 140
    plasma gun, grenade launcher, veteran sergeant, power weapon

    Stormtroopers x 10 - 135
    melta gun, flamer, veteran sergeant, power weapon

    Inducted IG platoon - 255
    platoon command, plasma pistol, 3 plasma guns, medi pack (feel no pain makes up for gets hot)
    infantry squad, missile launcher, grenade launcher
    infantry squad, missile launcher, grenade launcher

    Grey Knight Terminators - 260

    Callidus assassin - 120 (best assassin going imo)

    Orbital bombardment - 80
    melta torpedo (alot of fun and more reliable thanks to new FAQ's, fires like a normal blast weapon without LOS....it can actually roll a hit! )

    Ive taken out unit of GK's to include that orbital strike and land raider for more anti tank other than that, i dont quite know where to take this other than play testing. Any and all criticism welcome.

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    Sorry, I don't know much about male only WH.

    Well, other than that bombardment, it seems fairly solid. I dislike those things, but otherwise it's okay. Callidus assassin is awesome, best all round assassin. Can dish it out to any veteran unit. Good bye chaos terminators! What are you planning on doing with the grey knights in the game? Just wondering.

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    I'm not sure if i'm right as i don't have the rulebook to hand but i think the rulebook might point out the assault ramp on landraiders somewhere, you may want to check that up...
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