Still working on the 650, want some feedback on my 500 list first...

I'm new to 40k, but I have played a bit and faced most of the different armies, but I am still in a stage where I haven't encountered every race yet... which is actually kind of cool. Anyway, I have never fielded a SW army but my friend has the Codex and I was thinking about trying them out against his Chaos in a small game, and this is the list I came up with; he runs all infantry, one squad in a Rhino and he has some Chaos Sorcerer or some other stupid-powerful character and that's it in small games.

---Runic Armor
---Wolf Tail Talisman

Grey Hunters (6)
---Plasma gun

Grey Hunters (5)
---Plasma gun

Grey Hunters (5)

Heavy Support:
Long Fangs (4+1)
---Heavy Bolter x2
---Missilelauncher x2

Total is just under 500.

The idea is to provide as much heavy support with the Long Fangs as possible while my Runepriest joins one of the GH squads which disperse throughout the board. Like I said, I am still relatively new to 40k but while playing Vanilla Marines I found that I really liked the Combat Squads rule, hence my small squads. I have thought about cutting wargear (perhaps the Wolf Tail Talisman and some GH weapons) or ditching the Long Fangs and adding a Drop Pod and more bodies to the GH squads, but I'm not sure.

What are your thoughts on my list?