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    1,500 point list looking to raise to 1,750 and 2,000

    I have been playing this army many times and have won 5 drawn 2 and lost 1. Personaly i think it works really well but i can't think of how to effectively bring it up to 1,750 or 2,000 points. I have ideas but i want to make the most out of my points. Anyway this is my 1.500 point list:

    Chaplain cassius (125)

    Assault terms (450 )
    3x TH and SS
    2x LC
    Land raider redeemer

    Tactical marines x10 (220 )
    melta gun

    Tactical marines x10 (210 )

    vindicator (115)

    vindicator (115)

    Predator (165)
    twin-linked lasacannon
    lasacannon sponsons

    Attack bike x2 (100 )
    multi-melta x2

    total=1,500 points

    General tactic to this list is for the land raider to chundle forwards as a distraction to do as much damage as possible. Attack bikes hide behind and once close enough will try and pop some heavy vehicles, ie another LR. Las pred will sit at back of the board looking for easy transport kills while the vindicators move 6 each turn targeting disembarked troops poped by the pred or other vehicles. Troops just hang about in their transport using top hatch for melta and flamer while in objectives they will combat squand with las and plas cannon sitting on objectives.

    For a higher point list i would probably need some more troops. I was considering another tact squad in a rhino to bring it up to 1750 with spare points on dozer blades and extra armour though i don't have any ideas for 2000. Anyway your thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello bl00d bath76,

    as you have mentioned yourself: you are very low on Troops and thus scoring units. Since these are very essential in most of the games on fifth edition, you would definitely do well adding more of those. A third tactical squad would probably be the way to go, though if you are not using combat squads and thus do not yet have a babysitter squad for your home objective, you might also take a small scout squad with missile launchers, sniper rifles, and camo cloaks instead (possibly Sergeant Telion, if you want to).

    Moreover I have several ideas: Upgrading the redeemer to a crusader or godhammer land raider would be one. Flame cannons are awesome, but very short ranged and your list yet lacks firepower to kill enemy transports or artillery from afar: you only have the predator so far.
    Your tactical squads, by the way, should probably have power fists on the sergeants. They are a lot more devastating in close combat and they can stand up to any threat. They are a little vulnerable without. It would also add to your anti-tank potential which isn't too high considering the fifth edition mechanization trend.
    You could also add dozer blades to your vindicators if your gaming tables feature a lot of terrain as mine do. It really helps not having to fear as much about them getting immobilized.
    Generally I would advise you to - after getting more Troops - adding long-range hard-hitting firepower for transport and artillery killing. Typhoon landspeeders are a very effective way of accomplishing that goal: they get infantry out on foot, they kill daemon princes and other monstrous creatures in no time. They are extremely mobile, flexible, and hard-hitting. I highly recommend them. Another squadron of multi-melta attack bikes would help your anti-tank and fire support as well...

    On a side note: your question was what to add, I know, but I want to speak about your predator anyway. I don't know how well it fared in your games - you have the land raider and the vindicators to draw firepower away from it, so it may survive quite long - but it isn't very points-effective in this configuration generally. Three-and-a-half lascannons on one target is pretty much overkill, the predator moreover is a priority threat and nonetheless quite easily destroyed, and its firepower isn't very mobile. I would consider changing / dropping it.
    Your other vehicle threats (land raider and vindicators) protect your predator, but this would also work for typhoon landspeeders, to take that example again. Two of those instead of the predator and they can kill two vehicles a turn while being mobile and very flexible, that is they can also very effectively kill masses of light infantry if need be, etc... A little more fragile, of course, but if you kill the enemy before it can hurt you, you'll be fine - and the typhoons enable you to do so, especially when shielded by so many other high-priority threats in your list.

    Just some thoughts. Hope they help! Enjoy.

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