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    Another Experimental List (lacking power armour)

    basically, im trying to give myself some options with different chapters. this list, in particular, has very few units with the typical power armour. the exorcists have loads of scouts so if i decided to start with them this could be useful. a few other chapters i have in mind could use this aswell. so here goes....

    HQ - librarian - 100

    TROOPS - scout squad 1 w/telion, HB (boltguns) - 135
    scout squad 2 w/ HB, (boltguns) - 85
    scout squad 3 w/ camo cloaks, RL (sniper rifles) - 100
    ELITES - sternguard veterans w/ p fist, combi weap,
    razorback (w/dozer blade) - 200
    FAST ATTACK - land speeder storm - 50

    HEAVY SUPPORT - predator 1 w/ autocannon, LC sponsons - 120
    predator 2 w/autocannon, LC side sponsons - 120
    whirlwind - 85

    tbh for under a 1000 pts i can easily upgrade this. and i was thinking of taking off all those heavy support choices, maybe have one for now

    and i can change the libby for something else. tbh i wouldnt know where to start when using a librarian

    just wondering what peeps think. i dont really want to paint power armour because years of SM's means i find it boring (with the execption of the ornate sternguard units)

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    if i were to make a pure (well as close as we could get) scout army i would just make a assault scout army with shrike (conversoin?)and a ton of assault scouts, shotguns, combat blades, one ten man boltgun squad with telion and combat squad all squads and drop the whirl wind
    Phantom Fists- 1000-1500 3/4/3 (DIY CHAPTER)

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