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    BA army evolved from 600pts to 1000pts

    I've been playing an escalation campaign and just expanded my force to 1000pts. I mainly play against chaos and other marines (when i can find no one else to play). So this force is mostly Meq hunter with 2 heavy flamers incase i run into a horde.


    Librarian -
    powers: bloodlance, sword of sanguinius


    Fruiso Dread -
    wargear: bloodfists, magna Grapple, melta, heavy flamer

    Drop Pod -
    wargear: storm bolter

    Sanguinary Priest -
    wargear: jumppack, power weapon


    Assault Squad -
    wargear: power fist, melta, 4 more guys

    Tactical Squad -
    wargear: power weapon, 5 more guys, plasma gun, plasma cannon

    Razorback -
    wargear; heavy flamer

    Heavy support

    Devastators -
    wargear: 2x lascannon, 2x missle launcher

    Tactics for this army are pretty basic. For objectives tactical squad is split in combat squads. The combat squad with the PC holds the objective with the devastators. The other with the srg and pg join the libby in the razorback. The razorback moves forward acting as a screen for the assault squad, with the combat squad getting out to fire into an enemy unit softening them up for the charge. The dread is deployed via drop pod assault rule to take out the enemy's most dangerous tank and hopefully absorb alot of firepower firts couple of turns. The devastators aren't really for tank hunting (got meltas/psychic power for that) they're their to take out monsterous creatures/oblitorators/termies.


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    Ill try my best to help ive read thru the Ba codex and watched a few games with them so forgive me for any mistakes.

    Ba libbys have lovely powers im kinda jealous.

    dread wont absorb as much fire as you hope they die farely quick so make sure you target the antitank vehicle first(personal experience with vanilla dreads)
    drop pod is essential
    sanguinary priests? i havent seen these guys before but i corbulo rings a bell for some reason

    Nice assault squad setup but you could switch the weapons on the assault and tactical sarges (either is fine)

    that tactical squad will strike fear into the hearts of all

    ive never tried a heavy flamer turret of a razerback before.


    might want some extra bodies in there to absorb wounds (2 or 3)
    Phantom Fists- 1000-1500 3/4/3 (DIY CHAPTER)

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