So I'm trying to figure out ways to build a list at small point capable of tabling an opponant quickly and effectivly. Seeing as how model count is always so low I don't want to have to worry about objective claiming in these points. There is an upcoming tournament at 750 points and so far this is what i have...

-Sanguin sword

Assault squad
-Drop pod
-power weapon
-Sniper rifles
-Missile launcher

2X stormraven gunship
-Typhoon missile launcher
-TL lascannon
-TL heavy bolter

So my thought is to infiltrate the snipers in cover and leave the there so I can shoot every round. Assault squad will drop first turn with the Librarian and shoot what they can assaulting second turn hopefully. The Stormravens, having weapon ranges from 36-48" will hang back and shoot at four targets a turn opening up transport and laying down support fire while avoiding close confrontation.

I'm unsure about the troops I don't know if I should change it but this is what I have so far!