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    1,500pts BA- 2 Lists: The Crazy Man's List & The not so Crazy Man's List.

    Now this idea woke me from my sleep. This list has no scoring models, And prays entirely on the idea of kill everything. Leave nothing alive, except maybe that tank over there.

    You'd have to pray to god if you ever took it to a competition & you'd have to pray you killed all his troops if you did.

    I think the list is pretty straight forward. Let nothing escape alive.

    Astorath the Grim: 220
    Joins the jump-pack equipped DC

    The Sanguinor, Exemplar of the Host: 275
    Joins the SG

    Sanguinary Squad: 210
    power fist

    Death Company x 12: 240
    Rides up to the front lines in style, then hops out and unleashes hell

    Land Raider Redeemer: 250

    Death Company x 8: 305
    jump packs, power fist

    Apart from the SG squad, the 2 power fists, & the 2 HQs, theres no other power weapons. Just sheer volume of attack.

    You need not comment on the first list unless it truly appeals to do so.

    List #2:

    Reclusiarch: 155
    jump pack
    Joins Sang Squad

    Reclusiarch: 160
    terminator armor, storm bolter
    Joins Terminator Squad

    Sanguinary Guard: 210

    Assault Terminators x 5: 215
    x 3 thunder hammer/storm shields
    Can handle tanks, mcs, and your average troops

    Land Raider Redeemer: 240
    More appealing then the LRC

    Scout Squad 4 x 5: 360
    sniper rifles, camo cloaks
    In all honesty, people will probably forget about the scout squads. The terminators/SG will be a bigger threat

    Attack Bike Squad 2 x 1: 100
    Gotta roll some anti-tank

    Land Speeder: 60
    And fly some anti-tank

    Scout squads are small, easier to stick in cover, camo cloaks for better saves. Avg roughly of 3 rending hits per turn. 3 Separate anti-tank units, all fast, all capable of getting the job done. 2 Elite assault units, one with jump-packs, 1 rolling up in some tough armor.

    For the cost of the scouts I could roll a squad of 8 and a squad of 7 assault marines, ea. with a power fist & meltagun. But lets face it. That'd be 2 troop choices, that I'd be hiding in cover for the entire game, up until the last 3 turns when they'd run out to capture objectives. Scouts can do that too, but at least they can make use of their ranged weaponry. And as my opponent gets bogged down in my forward units/assault, I can run the scouts forward to capture additional objectives providing they're alive. If there not. Well. I'm going to make sure the games a tie. Or I look good in defeat.

    Legion Of Everblight: Abyslonia
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    The Sanguinor isn't an IC so he can't join units. I suggest play testing it will help narrow down how much you might like DC in the first list.
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