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    Dark angels 750pt doubles tournament COMMENTS AND ADVICE NEEDED

    Doubles tourney in a couple of weeks, im probably gonna be using DA and my friend will use nids. Not quite sure on his list, but its CC oriented, tyrant, 2 warrior squads, gaunts of some description and a carnifex i think.

    I was thinking of something along the lines of:

    Sammael on jetbike 205

    Ravenwing attack squadron, 2 meltaguns, multi melta attack bike 190

    Ravenwing attack squadron, 2 flamers, multi melta attack bike 180

    Ravenwing attack squadron, flamer, multi melta attack bike 175

    Basic plan is I smash transports ASAP and he gets in the enemy's face and annoys them. He'll deal with dangerous units, supported by sammael, while my meltasquad and attack bikes destroy every vehicle on the board or die trying. Flamer squads fry weak infantry units in cover, and in objective games every bike that is still alive zooms onto objectives. All the bikes are fearless BTW, so you have to kill them all, they're not gonna run anywhere.

    Comments and advice appreciated!

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    Well you have already got the first thing which is to function as what your partners army can't, fire support. I would advise changing a Multimelta for Heavy BOlter in one squadron in case your run up against another nid army
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