Master of Forge w/ Conversion Beamer - 120

Inquisitor Lord w/ Psychic Hood, Psycannon, Terminator Armour, Targeter, Auspex
Retinue includes:
2x Mystics
2x Veteran Guardsmens (Warriors) w/ Plasma Guns
2x Sages
Including Transport Land Raider - 440

Vindicare Assassin -110

Dreadnought 2x TL AC - 125

Dreadnought 2x TL AC - 125

5 man Tactical w/ Razorback w/ TL Plasma and Las - 165

5 man Tactical w/ Razorback w/ TL Plasma and Las - 165

5 man Scout w/ Sniper Rifles including Sergeant Telion -125

2 Land Speeder Typhoons - 180

Dreadnought 2x TL AC - 125

Predator AC, 2x HB - 85

Predator AC, 2x HB - 85

Set up as far back as I can, but not on board edge to be exact. Master of Forge with the TL AC Dreads, Preds, Land Raider, and Razorbacks with lascannons will set up for maximum effectiveness (On hill or area with lots of line of sight). Then have inquisitor and retinue position in middle of them to get the first shots at any deep striking units and also to keep infiltrators away. (Auspex) Scouts will sit on home objective or in a cover position nearby that will be reinforced by the MoF. Land Speeders will be a harassment unit that will fire Krak shots into tanks or also take wounds off MC's, they can also fire frags into bunched up deepstrikers or hordes and soften up infantry w/ HB. Tactical Squads will take up position in Land Raider and will sit in it until the 3rd turn (If objectives) where the Land Raider will drive forward and deliver a squad at the closest objective and drive onto a contested or lightly defended objective and sit on it. And on 4th turn Lander Speeders can go flat out and contest the enemies objective on the 5th turn. If its kill points I will hold everything and make them come to me and if they make it within a turn of charge distance I can throw the razorbacks and landraider in front of them to make a wall to delay them. The last ones are the scouts and the assassin. I plan to use the assassin as IC, sergeant, heavy weapons and MC killer. The same with sergeant Telion and his scout snipers, they give me the chance to pin down stragglers or heavy weapons units.The Inquisitor and his squad are there for four main purposes, 1) Unlimited range physic hood 2) To get "free shots" at deepstrikers or nominate another unit to fire at the deepstrikers 3) Provide back up counter-assault squad 4) Land Raider gives me a extremely tough troop transport.

The only thing is that in a 1850 game im not bringing enough troops to the table, and that is risky. Im used to running x6 full Tacticals in drop pods so this is a really step away from what im normally used to running. Im going to play-test this little bit, but I was thinking about taking out one of the dreads and adding another troop in its place. I have another build with 5x 5 man Taticals in Razorbacks w/ TL Plasma and Las.

Please if you could leave some comments Im trying to tune up a competitive list for a tournament in a few weeks.