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    2000pt Inquisition force

    Hey guys

    Hope y'all are well.
    After much fiddling with my list I think I may have come up with what I think is a pretty good army list. I realy only play against space marines at this stage so it is mostly geared towards anti MEQ and TEQ, but hopefully will be a pretty good all rounder. Anyways here goes:

    Grey Knight Hero - 175
    - 1 Grand Master with: nemesis force weapon, psycannon

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Lord – 158
    - 1 Inquisitor Lord with: incinerator, psychic hood
    - 1 Familiar
    - 2 Mystic Henchmen with: las pistol, close combat weapon
    - Rhino Transport with: storm bolter, extra armour

    Grey Knight Terminators – 310
    - 1 Brother-Captain with: nemesis force weapon, psycannon, holocaust
    - 3 Grey Knight Terminators with: nemesis force weapons, storm bolters
    - 1 Grey Knight Terminator with: nemesis force weapon, incinerator

    2 Squads Grey Knights - 572
    - 1 Justicar with: nemesis force weapon, stormbolter, frag grenades
    - 8 Grey Knights with: nemesis force weapons, stormbolters
    - 1 Grey Knight with: incinerator

    2 Squads Inquisitorial Stormtroopers – 320
    - 3 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with: hellguns, frag grenades, targeters
    - 2 Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with: plasmaguns
    - Chimera with: turret mounted multi-laser, hull mounted heavy flamer, extra armour

    Tank Hunter – 465
    Tank Hunter Crews (+1 on the vehicle damage chart)
    - 2 Dreadnoughts with: multi-melta, missile launcher, extra armour
    - Dreadnought with: plasma cannon, missile launcher, extra armour

    Ok so basically my tactics are to bunch up my deployment around the Inquisitor so as to be able to catch any deep striking drop pods using the mystics and then probably give the shots to the dreadnoughts.
    The dreadnoughts, chimeras and rhino will advance towards the enemy with the Inquisitor in the rhino taking out any models in cover and hopefully picking up any later deep strikers, the stormtroopers doing lots of drive by shootings and the dreadnoughts going balistic at whatever is the biggest threat at the time. Hopefully the dreadnoughts should be able to handle anything from terminators (due to the plasma cannon and multi meltas) to hoards (due to once again the plasma cannon and the missile launchers) and of course vehicles of all types.
    The infantry (PAGK, GKT) will advance behind the screen of vehicles, hopefully ensuring that they will get to the enemy relatively unscathed. The terminators will pepper away at the enemy with their psycannons and storm bolters so hopefully they will be at an advantage against power weapon equipped foes. Holocaust is there just to provide more wounds for the opponent to save, as every wound helps. The PAGK will just pretty much go wherever the fighting is the thickest, trusting to their power armour and the vehicle shield to keep them alive.

    So what do you guys think?
    Does my list seem sound? Has anyone had any luck with this sort of list?
    What about my tactics? Any suggestions?

    All comments and criticism are greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all

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    I'd be a little worried about running small, expensive squads on foot up a 6' long spearhead board. Especially with only a few AV12 dreads as anti-tank in a vehicle heavy format.

    (BTW - tank hunters give +1 to armour penetration rolls, not +1 damage)

    Given the expense and vulnerability of the grand master it's usually a good idea to put him in a retinue rather than the entirely more expendable brother captain.

    Given that this is spearhead - landraiders and mechanised assault is probably something to look at. At least one thunderhammer with the terminators too.

    Melta instead of plasma for the stormies - again it's spearhead.

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