hey guys this is what i am going to on a local tourney

here it is +tactics

marneus calgar
amour of antilochus 265

2x tac squad
missile flamer rhino 410

2x scout squad 4xsnipers missile 170
telion 50

terminator 10 men 5x lightning claw 5x thunderhammer storm shield 400

ironclad dread
droppod 150

2x thunderfire cannon 200

scout bike squad
4xbikes cluster mines 100

grand 1750


scout squad 1 with telion start in terrain

tac squads (combat squaded in objectives) in rhino's behind cover

thunderfire cannons in sepparet pieces of terrain bolster defence

bikes and other squads infiltrate

calgar and thunder hammer termies so far as possible forward
and assault as soon as possible after assault other termies telly in on calgar for support

and ironclad gets stuck in with any troops of the opponent

and thats that