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    1500pts Space Wolves

    This is my 1500pts Space Wolves list.

    Wolf Guard Battle Leader- Bolt pistol, Frost Blade, Frag and krak grenades, Runic Armour, Thunderwolf, Saga of the Wolfkin. 175

    Wolf Priest- Bolt pistol, Crozius arcanum, Frag and krak grenades, Melta bombs, Iron wolf amulet, Jump pack, Saga of the beast slayer. 140

    10 Grey Hunters- Bolters, Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, 2 Plasma guns, Powerfist, Frag and krak grenades, Rhino. 220

    10 Grey Hunters- Bolters, Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, 2 Plasma guns, Powerfist, Frag and krak grenades, Rhino. 220

    10 Skyclaws- Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, Powerfist, Jump packs, Frag and krak grenades. 205

    9 Fenrisian Wolves- Cyberwolf. 80

    6 Long Fangs- Bolt pistols, Close combat weapons, Frag and krak grenades, Plasma gun, 5 Missile launchers, Razorback with twin-linked las-cannons. 230

    Vindicator- Demolisher cannon. 115

    Vindicator- Demolisher cannon. 115


    The idea is that the wolf guard battle leader will lead the fenrisian wolves, the wolf priest will lead the blood claws. The grey hunters will advance to claim objectives whilst the long fangs and vindicators target vehicles and infantry.

    Let me know what you think.


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    Nice list overall, have a few suggestions though, i would take away the plasma gun on the long fangs, they shouldn't be close enough use it a lot, and if your grey hunters have plasma guns they cant assault if they fire, maybe swap them for melta guns so you have more anti tank, i would also suggest dropping the 1 grey hunter from each squad and the pw's and replace them with wolf guard with power fists and combi meltas, more attacks and they get weapons cheaper, and adding a wolf standard for 10 points you get re roll ALL 1's for a turn, totally worth the points, with that loadout it's 8 points more and has a bigger punch (still have rhinos) , maybe drop a wolves to compensate, and with the points from the long fang plasma gun i would drop 3 skyclaw's to upgrade you battle leader to a wolf lord and upgrade his saga to the warrior born, the wolfkin does nothing for you if the lord is in the unit and its 15 point waste there, and finally drop the fist in skyclaws and give one the mark of the wolfen and them give a siege shield to a vindicator, all this will give you 1499, but overall it's a good list

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