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    1000pts Witch Hunters

    Canoness (145)
    Inferno Pistol, Blessed Weapon, Jump Pack, Cloak of Saint Aspira, Mantle of Ophelia.

    Battle Sister Squad (167)
    13 Sisters
    2x Storm Bolters, Veteran Sister Superior.

    Battle Sister Squad (167)
    13 Sisters
    2x Storm Bolters, Veteran Sister Superior.

    Battle Sister Squad (167)
    13 Sisters
    2x Storm Bolters, Veteran Sister Superior.

    Zealots (192)
    20 Zealots
    4x Fanatics with Eviserators, 2x Flamers

    Heavy Support
    Exorcist (135)
    Exorcist (135)

    Total 1006pts
    Small Models, 60
    Vehicles, 2
    Total, 62
    Scoring Units, 4
    Starting Faith, 5

    Originally I ran the Zealots with a priest (with an Eviserator) and two grenade launchers, but the grenade launchers ended up killing more zealots than enemies, and the priest really didn't pull his way.

    I've played three games with this list so far and the list came out prety well in all three-Skimmer heavy Eldar=win, Tank heavy Tau=Draw, Ultramarines with Calgar=win, total wipeout. Tactics were for the Zealots and Canoness to run forward, hugging cover, to tie up the closest enemy unit by turn two. The Exorcists knock out the oponent's transports, or heavy support, which usually distracts them from attacking the sisters for most of the game as they try and tack down the Exorcists. The Sisters hang back to move on any of my oponent's units that are getting to my lines to quickly or to charge enmasse against whatever's left after four turns of Exorcist and zealot pounding.

    Any tips on where I should go with this to make it up to 1500pts? I was thinking about going for another Exorcist, an identical unit of battle sisters, and an identical unit of Zealots. I'm not into Transports and the local tables really wouldn't suite them anyhow-usually my army's within charge range by turn two or three. Any sugestions for improvements?

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    I originally intended to run a list similar to this when I first started SoB, I play Mech'd up now, so I have no real issue with this style of footslog army. My one issue is, what are you going to do against a big beastie 'nid or combat-driven hero once they get stuck in? A canoness with the mantle and cloak can hold off for a little bit, but against something designed to take out enemy characters there could be a problem. Zealots go squish, cool.
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