I am planning to go to a double tournament with a friend (who plays Eldar). Our plan is to build our lists seperately and then "mash" the best two together. We share a force organisation chart and have to run one hq and one troop each.

So far I have come up with this:

Librarian, combi-melta

10 Tactical Marines w/ meltagun, plasma cannon, powerfist

Dreadnought w/ TL autocannon, assualt cannon
Dreadnought w/ TL autocannon, assualt cannon

Attack Bike

Vindicator w/ seige shield (yes its a point filler, but vindicators look so much worse without it)
Vindicator w/ seige shield


I could also lose the vindicators for a 2 landspeeder typhoons and a scout squad if he needs more heavy support slots (however, I fear I will then lack anti-TEQs and AV14).

Thoughts? Should it be more spammy? Is one troop enough from me (my friend will be taking a unit of dire avengers in a wave serpent and maybe a guardian/pathfinder squad)? Do I need a combat unit?