Playing, after a long time with my BT's against Orks and, unfortunately loosing (although it was a very funny game) I checked that one of the biggest weaknesses of my army was playing against hordes.
So I decided to change my actual army and try another combination:

Terminator armour
Orbe of Antioch
Power Weapon
Command Squadof 6 Terminators, one with powerclaws, one with assault cannon (Total of about 400 pts)

Art. Armour
Orbe of Antioch
Reclusiam Squad of 5 marines, 1 apothecary, company champion, sergeant with power weapon (ca 320 pts)

Emperors champion, voeu???, 90pts+???


5 Swordbretheren, 1 with power claws, with a power weapon, 125 pts

1 Dread with twinlinked Lascanons and a rocketlauncher, 145 pts

1 Dread with assault canon, 115 pts


8 Marines, close combat weapons, 1 power weapon, 143 pts

idem, 143 pts

idem, 143 pts

6 Marines, Bolters and RL, 106pts

idem, 106 pts


6 Jumpers, 1 power Weapon and Meltabombs, 159pts


1 Predator with heavy Bolters, 125 pts

1 Land Raider Crusader, 265 pts


2 Rhinos, 100 pts

I don't know if the army is powerful enough for a battle on 2,5k points, main problem is in my opinion that i maybe don't have enough transports (wish they would also only cost 35 points :-))

Thanks for reply;