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    1500 Blood Angels , Needs work

    so im building my army and thus far have this

    Librarian , Terminator Armour

    Terminator Squad , Cyclone ML

    Tactical Squad , Power Fist , Teleport Homer , Rhino
    Assault Squad , Power Fist , Flamer , Meltagun
    Assault Squad , Power Fist , Flamer , Meltagun

    Baal Predator , Heavy Bolters
    Baal Predator , Heavy Bolters

    Leaving me with 140 points i dont know how to spend. I also dont know what weapons i should put in my Tactical. Any help would be much appreciated.


    Army : Blood Stars
    1500 : 2 Vindicators , 2 Baal Predators , 22 Jump Packs
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    first off I'd suggest you keep to one type of special weapon for each assault squad, so give one squad flamers and the other meltas

    as for your extra 140 I'd suggest either adding 2 MM/HF landspeeders (though with the 2 Baals they'd have to be one unit),

    or add a Priest w/JP+PW to give the Assault marines more punch and better durability, and give the tacticals some more goodies to play with like a Plasmacannon, melta gun, and a razorback with either TLLC or TLAC, that's 140 all together I think. (you'd have to combat squad the Tacticals then but that's really the only way you'd be able to use any heavy weapon they choose)

    Just my thoughts
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