-Njal Stormcaller with runic terminator armor 270
-10 Blood claws 1 flamer, 1 power fist, and 1 Lukas the Trickster with Rhino 350
-9 grey hunters 1 plasma gun, 1 power fist with rhino 205
-5 wolf guard 1 with frost axe in power armor, 2 with storm shield and thunderhammer in terminator armor, 1 with storm shield frost axe in terminator armor, 1 with heavy flamer chain fist in terminator armor with drop pod 310
-10 wolf scouts 1 meltagun rest with bolt pistols and cc weapons 160
Fast Attack
-Land Speeder Tornado heavy flamer and multi melta 70
Heavy Support
-6 long fangs 3 heavy bolter, 2 missile launcher 125
total 1500
Wolf guard without terminator armor joins the grey hunters, Njal joins the 4 terminators in drop pod, and scouts do special outflank.
While consensus is both Lukas and blood claws are not worth it, I swear by my blood claws and I face lots of heavy hitter unit lists making Lukas worth it.

I have a friendly tournament in a few days, and I was looking for advice on tactics and army list.
I additionally have 5 fenresian wolves, 10 grey hunters 3 of them with meltaguns, drop pod, 1 heavy bolter long fang, 2 missile launcher long fangs. So if you change the army list you can use those models as well.