All Critcs welcome for this 1500 pt fun list.

Dante xxxpts


Sanguinary Guard 250pts
-Chapter Banner
-Infernus Pistol
-Power Fist
-5 Glaives, 4 Angelus Boltguns

Assault Squad Alpha 250pts
-10 men
-Power Fist, Infernus pistol Sergeant
-1 Extra Infernus Pistol
-Jump Packs

Assault Squad Bravo 130pts
-5 men
-Sergeant Power Weapon, Hand Flamer
-1 Extra Flamer
-Jump Packs

Death Company 265pts
-6 men
-Power Fist, Bolt Pistol
-2 Power Weapons, Bolt Pistols
-3 Bolters
-Jump Packs

Scout Squad 100pts
-5 men
-4 Sniper Rifles
-1 Missile Launcher
-Camo Cloaks

Sanguinary Priest xxxpts
-Jump Pack

Sanguinary Priest xxxpts
-Jump Pack

Chaplain xxxpts
-Jump Pack
-Melta Bombs

The idea is that Dante will fight alongside the Sanguinary Guard, making them a scoring unit with some Precision Strike goodness. Assault Squad Alpha are the Heavy/Tank Hunters, and will be joined by a Priest. Assault Squad Bravo are a piss off unit (anti-infantry) and will be joined by a Priest. The Death Company is a beat stick, and will be joined by the Chaplain. The bolters should help me avoid any Rage induced baiting assaults by the enemy, and diversify the units abilities. The scouts are simply home objective sitters, and can add some wounds to monstorous creatures and the like. Let me know what you think.