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    2000 Point Mech List

    Hey Everyone,

    Iíll likely be playing a friend of mine later in the week, and I wanted to try a move mech based list (I usually run the hybrid mech/infantry army, but I thought would change it up some). Unfortunately I didnít have the codex available when I wrote this up, so I may have made an error somewhere, but I think itís mostly good:

    CCS w/4xPlasma Gun, Astropath, Chimera (195)
    Total HQ: 195

    Veteran Squad w/3x Meltagun, Chimera (155)
    Veteran Squad w/3x Meltagun, Chimera (155)
    Veteran Squad w/3x Meltagun, Chimera (155)
    Veteran Squad w/3x Flamer, Demolitions (115), Goes in Vendetta
    Veteran Squad w/3x Flamer, Demolitions (115), Goes in Vendetta
    (All chimeras have Multi-laser/Heavy flamer)
    Total Troops: 695

    5x Stormtroopers w/2x Melta Gun, Airborne Assault (105)
    Total Elites: 170

    Fast Attack:
    Vendetta (130 )
    Vendetta (130 )
    3x Scout Sentinel w/Autocannon, HK Missile (150 )
    Total FA (410 )

    Heavy Support:
    Demolisher w/HF (165)
    Demolisher w/HF (165)
    LRBT w/Hull lascannon (165)
    Total HS: 495

    Total: 1965

    Basic Idea is to outflank the Vendettas and Scout Sentinals, then Deep Strike the Storm troopers. I think I have a good amount of vehicles to make it work, with 4 Chimeras, 3 Russ tanks, 2 Vendettas and 3 Sentinals. The friend I would be playing against runs a mechanized SoB list, so I think it would be interesting to try mech on mech like this.

    I do have the issue of being at 1965 points by my calculation, and Iím not exactly sure what I should spend the remaining 35 points on (need to look through the codex tomorrow).

    Any suggestions/criticisms are appreciated.


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    Troops are solid. Elites look good. Lose the HK missiles on the Sentinels, pick up heavy bolter sponsons on the vendettas. Heavy Support looks good. I'd advise picking up an Officer of the Fleet to mess with your opponents reserve rolls. Otherwise you should be in the clear.
    Praise the Emperor and pass the promethium!

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    I like IronWeevil's advice. I don't have my codex on me but maybe after making the changes he suggested you could add a few stormtroopers to that squad to use up additional points. I know 5 is all you need but you might as well plus them up if you have nothing else to spend the points on. It might keep the squad alive longer.

    Or you could give your command squad some wargear. Wargear on a Guardsmen never really worth the points cost but it could be fluffy and you have the points to spare so why not. I'm thinking about putting dozer blades on my 3 demolishers just to take up points cost/add fluff. While I'm the first to agree that the cost is a gamble compared to their effectiveness, they might actually help in some games that have lots of terrain.

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