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    2500 Vanilla Marine

    I posted a 1500 a couple days ago then I took sometime to think this out, trying to make a larger list.
    I plan to position the MotF on one side then the TFC on the other with the two other Tac Squads providing support.
    The Land Raider and the Rhino will rush, then a contingent of Drop Pod Dreads and Heroic Intervention.

    Master of the Forge Conversion Beamer

    Tactical Squad Plasma Gun Lascannon

    Tactical Squad Plasma Gun Lascannon
    Tactical Squad Meltagun Multi-Melta Rhino
    Venerable Dreadnought Heavy Flamer Plasma Cannon Drop Pod
    Dreadnought Heavy Flamer Multi-Melta Drop Pod
    Terminators Heavy Flamer Assault Cannon

    Thunderfire Cannon Techmarine
    Terminator Land Raider
    Vanguard Veterans Power Claws Power Sword Power Sword Power fist Jump Packs

    60 Models

    Any ideas for the extra 65 points?

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    Can you put the list in a more legible manner, ie,

    Master of the Forge w/ Conversion Beamer

    and such.

    Apart from the difficulty to read, the list is not full enough.

    You have only 3(/6) troops in 2500pts, not nearly enough, and two of them don't ahve transports.
    You have a thunderfire cannon, which just die from my experience.
    You have a ven dred with a pc drop-podding? Why not a multi-melta?
    I'm assuming thats ten terminators as they have two weapons?

    I suggest using this as a base:

    Master of the forge w/ conversion beamer, bike (the bike gives him relentless!)

    Tactical Squad w/ insert wargear here (personally I use meltagun, plasma cannon and powerfist)
    Tactical Squad w/ insert wargear here (personally I use meltagun, plasma cannon and powerfist)
    Tactical Squad w/ insert wargear here (personally I use meltagun, plasma cannon and powerfist)
    Tactical Squad w/ insert wargear here (personally I use meltagun, plasma cannon and powerfist)

    That gives you about 1400pts left to work with.

    Some tips
    Drop-pod dreds are suicide units, as they arrive close to the armies melta weapons without any support. The more you ahve on turn one the better. This means you need a 3rd drop pod.
    Everything should have a transport, even if its sitting at the back of the field a transport improves there survivability as they can hide inside or behind it.
    Thunderfire cannons look good but tend to die too easily. Vanguard are the same. I'd suggest dropping these things for 3 vindicators or 4 landspeeder typhoons or a lot of attack bikes with multimeltas.
    I'd also consider adding a 5th troop, although this is not necessary.

    Post up the revised list and I'll go into more specifics, but for now the basic list making needs to be fulfilled.
    Good luck

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