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Thread: 1500 Balanced

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    1500 Balanced

    Abandoning my previous idea of all infantry because i did not want to assemble any more imperial guard infantry, I have created a list that uses most of my purchased guard and added some mech to it. My main worry is that i do not have enough tanks but hopefully this list packs enought firepower that it can deal with the enemie's anti-tank.


    Company command squad, 4 melta Vets- 90


    Platoon command squad, vox caster, 3 grenade launchers – 50

    3 combined infantry squads, 3 seargents with power weapons, 3 meltaguns, 1
    commisar with power weapon, 1 vox- 260

    Heavy weapons squad, all autocannons- 75

    Heavy weapons squad, all autocannons- 75

    Heavy weapons squad, all Lascannons- 105

    Heavy weapons squad, all Lascannons- 105

    Veteran Squad, 3 meltas- 100

    Fast Attack

    Vendetta- 130

    Vendetta- 130

    Heavy Support

    Leman Russ Executioner, plasma cannon sponsoons- 230

    LRBT- 150

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated and i will certainly take them into consideration.

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    I would go with more troops. A second platoon or possibly another veteran squad to occupy the other vendetta.SWS, PCS and vets all make good vendetta payloads.

    I would lose one of your heavy weapons squads loaded with lascannons and add hvy weapon teams to your three infantry squads with lascannons (it's a little cheaper and gives your lascannons more wounds). If you are intent on taking the large number of HWS then I would also recommend taking a Lord Commissar to bump their leadership for orders.

    I'd suggest taking a different Russ. The executioner is very expensive at this point level. Sponsons add even more unjustified point cost and remove your mobility. I think that the standard LRBT would serve you well enough and with a hull lascannon (my preferred configuration) it would run you about 165.

    Vendettas are great fast attack units, but you could do more with them by adding HB door gunners (sponsons). Check your codex, it's cheap too.

    You will likely hear from others that the heavy weapon squads are a free gift of kill points to your opponent, and there is merit to the argument. I would like to hear how you fare with your list. Good luck.
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