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    HELP- Making a new army- Wolves?

    Hey all! The hive mind comes in peace.

    I am curious to start a new army in 40k, and iv decided that space wolves look pretty awesome. I allready have a good few models because my brother stopped playing and I got a fair few off him for free, anyway this is what I got:
    1- space marine captain
    5- terminators
    2- Dreadnoughts
    2- rhinos
    1 - bike
    5- scouts
    10- assault marines
    And about 20-30 marines.

    Now I dont know much on the wolves, but from what I do know they sound like my kind of army. So I do understand I will have to convert a fair few of them to make them work, but do you think its a good starting point? should I go as wolves? where to go form here? what to buy? some good easy starting armies to work on etc?

    I know im asking alot, but it will REALLY help me in starting marines. Thanks in advance

    Reading the codex online, the wolves are for me.
    So just putting together a 1000 point list with NO background knowledge here we go!

    Rune Priest- Jaws of the world wolf (NO idea what I should run for 2nd)

    Wolf Guard Battle Leader
    Termie armor
    storm bolter & power weapon

    Wolf Scouts
    3 Bp,ccw
    1 Meltagun
    2 plasma Pistol

    Wolf Guard Pack
    6 guards all with termie armor
    storm bolter & power weapon

    Termie Armor
    Frost Blade

    Grey Hunter-
    7 Bolters
    2 plasma
    1 Mark of the Wulfen
    With DropPod

    Grey Hunters (Rune Priest)
    7 Bolters
    1 Melta
    1 PF
    With DropPod

    This comes to a total of 998 points.

    Basic plan is - Grey hunters rain form the sky and bring in the slaughter, the rest of the army (mostly in termie armor) foot slog up the board and hit hard slaughtering their way through everything. Ony issue I see if anti tank. T.T

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