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    Blood Angels - Fluffy or Competitive?

    OK to keep it short and sweet, i have 2,000 or so points of blood angels I'm planning on basing on the 8th "All Assault" Company. Firstly, yes I know that it contains more than just assault squads and yes i do (tentatively) have fluff worked out to merit their inclusion. What I'm generally looking for is feedback on ways the list could be made more fluffy and/or competitive

    Uzio Zedrenael (Dante) - 225

    Librarian - 145 (Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Blood Lance, Unleash Rage)

    Chaplain - 115 (Infurnus Pistol)

    Sanguinary Priest - 75 (Jump Pack)

    Terminator Assault Squad - 220 (4x Thunder Hammers & Storm Shields, 1x Lightning Claws)

    Sanguinary Guard - 240 (Chapter Banner, Power Fist)

    Assault Squad - 202 (x9, Power Weapon, Infurnus Pistol)

    Assault Squad - 202 ( x9, Thunder Hammer)

    Death Company - 210 (x9, Rhino)

    Whirlwind - 100

    Landraider Redeemer -250 (Multimelta)

    Total Points - 1984

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    1/4 of your army on independent characters is too much. Get rid of one of them. (I would personally lose the Librarian but thats just how I play, others love them)
    Also I'd either have the terminators OR the DC.. as you need another assault squad or tact at least..

    Lose the sanguinary guard... I can't see these guys being competitive.. far to expensive for what they do, I'd rather another assault and another priest.

    Whirlwind... we I don't like these game wise but also fluff wise.. why would an assault element have a barrage weapon? as soon as you get in close it would be rendered useless... get a Baal pred.

    This is obviously all the cool models put in one army, which is fine for fun games but if you were playing competitively I think you would be challenged.

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    Most of this is just my personal opinion but I hope it helps.

    Librarian & Chaplain
    I'd drop the librarian and make the chaplain a reclusiarch, this'll free up an elite slot for a furioso. For both fulffy and competative reasons I can't recomend a furioso highley enough. Blood talyons with unlimited attacks are brutal, most armies will run screaming from it.

    Lord Lucas-
    Lose the sanguinary guard... I can't see these guys being competitive.. far to expensive for what they do
    I don't know what he's talking about, the things are fast attack termies. The only thing I can recomend is give them some melta.

    Death Company - 210 (x9, Rhino)
    They are fluffy but not verry competative, a big draw back is the Black Rage, you'll have NO controll over where they go. They can't assault the turn they exit the rhino and rage means they can't get back in once they get out. Your aponant could lead them where ever he wanted. If you realy want them for fluffy reasons I recomend you cut the numbers and put them in a razorback, twinlinked heavy flamers are sweet.

    Not verry fluffy or competative, I'd drop it and get a Baal.

    Hope this is of some help.

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