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    6 year hiatus new IG list!!

    Basically, I watched a game between two friends which got me wanting to get back into the hobby. Now, with the aid of one of the friends ( a competitive gamer) we created a list, the basics if I rememebr go as follows

    Creed with staff (I believe one was ordinance staff), there were a couple of them, the command has a medipack too (the exact list is on my friends comp, but hes got problems with it so I can check the list right now)

    Two infantry platoons: 2x5 man command squad and 4x infantry squads (minimum units in both platoons)
    one of these command platoons would have Chenkov

    What would fill the points would be two 50 man conscript platoons (with send in the next wave, from chenkov, on both)

    This would be complemented by two demolishers (with smoke launchers)

    As well as Guardsman Marbo to take on anything hiding which is annoying

    The idea would be that the two conscript platoons would have 'send in the next wave', so they'd both be effectively replacable each turn. Creed would assign his 'outflank' ability to one of the conscripts therefore when one of them (the one with outflank) is destroyed or deleted, they would immediately come in from the side and be effectively a very strong horde army that even nids would find hard to deal with (grinder army). Another option would be to add al'rahaem so that the other conscripts would outflank (plus the platoon, in reserve, thats not so tasty though), therefore two outflanking replenishable units of 50. Is this a viable tactic to you guys? I've only briefly read through the codex over the past day, so excuse any stupid wordings here.

    Of course this would need some fluff (story) to allow Marbo, Creed and Chenkov to be in the same army (the codex doesn't specify you cant use them within one force so we thought what the hey). My theme would be ww2 russians, with Marbo being something like Marbolov (Creedashlov, etc) so that it makes sense to the person I'm playing.

    To give you guys an idea of how it would look, I would use the elite (Vostryan models) for the commands, then converted bretonnians with lasguns for the troops, and finally empire militia to make up the hordes of conscripts, with the idea that the army is hard pressed therefore has to effectively round up civillians to tackle the enemies of man.

    The tactic of the force would be basically the command and infantry platoons to defend chenkov and creed (so i dont lose the abilities), and become a drone boat for the hordes of conscripts. The conscripts without outflank (the al'rahaem idea is a bit too much, and without him it was about 1500pts) would become a screen, whilst the demolishers would be strength 10 pieplates for the big tanks/carnifexes/avatars/insert annoying models here. Even the conscripts could tie up really annoying units for literally the entire game.

    This is just a rough idea of the force (noty even complete), but I loved the idea of using empire milita for conscripts that are just hurled at the enemy whilst the army attempts to direct their path. I do understand that this may suffer from Ld tests, but thats what the send in the next wave is for, as i can jsut delete them and start again. Whats you guys opinions? I'm new to the hobby, having done Imperial guard since 2000 and then a small marine force so if there are any mistakes, please do point them out.



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    Sounds like it would be fun but unfortunally the send in the next wave rule specifies that they arrive from the players table edge. You would be able to outflank them inititally, but once they are taken off they seemingly must come in from your table edge.

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    *moved to the army list section*
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