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    2000p space wolves footslogger army

    Ok this is my latest space wolves list.

    Canis 185p (goes with TW Cav.)

    Wolf Lord 235p (goes with TW Cav.)
    Belt of Russ
    Frost axe
    Melta bomb
    Saga of Warrior...

    Wolf Priest 140p (goes with swift claws)
    Wolf tail talisman

    3 x Wolf Guard 158p (goes with big Grey hunters and swift claws)
    3 x PFist
    1 x Bike
    3 x Storm bolters

    10 x Fenrisian Wolves 80p

    10 x Gray Hunter 170p
    2 x Melta

    10 x Gray Hunter 170p
    2 x Melta

    5 x Gray Hunter 100p
    Plasma Gun

    Thander Wolf Cav. 195p
    2 x Melta Bomb

    Thander Wolf Cav. 195p
    2 x Melta Bomb

    3 x Swiftclaws 115p
    Attac bike

    6 x Long Fangs 140p
    5 x ML

    5 x Long Fangs 115p
    4 x ML

    I like this list it's in my mind it fits the space wolves fluff. To compensate fore the slow moving infantry I'v added a lot of hard hitting fast attack units.

    I'm thinking a bit about the wolf guard and swift claws thou. Are the wolf guards worth it? shod I change them for some thing else? an iron priest on twm maybe. Shod the swift claws keep the heavy bolter and gear up with power weapon and plasma pistol to bee more anti infantry orientated?

    So what do you think does this work? All comments and criticism welcomed.

    Thank you.

    Last edited by Wolf Lord PJ; September 19th, 2010 at 19:36. Reason: Just realised it's a bad thing to have MotW on thander wolfs, I had forgotten how many attacks they got.

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