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    Space Wolves, 1500, 2000, 2500, Comments Appreciated

    So I typed this long post about my army list, but then my college's internet decided to be crappy (seriously, if it was a person I would beat it to death, it is that vindictive and obnoxious, seriously f*ck it, I had like a page and a half...F*CK!).

    Anyways, in a somewhat abbreviated form (Emprah f**k*ng d*mn it)

    HQ: Rune Priest: Chooser of the Slain, Artificer Armor, JotWW, Living Lightning (joining GH #3 in pod)
    Elites: 3x Wolf Guard: 3x powerfists, 3x Combi-meltas (joining GH #s 1-3)
    Dreadnought: TL-Lascannon, Heavy Flamer, Wolftooth Necklace, Drop Pod
    Troops: Grey Hunters 1: 9x, Powersword, Flamer, Rhino transport
    Grey Hunters 2: 9x, Powersword, Flamer, Rhino transport
    Grey Hunters 3: 8x, Powersword, Meltagun, Drop Pod
    Fast Attack: None
    Heavy Support: Vindicator: Siege Shield
    Long Fangs: 6x, 5x Missile Launchers, Powerfist, Drop pod (they don't ride in it though, it drops empty so I can bring down the other two turn 1)
    Long Fangs: 6x, 3x Heavy Bolters, 2x Lascannons, Powerfist

    Changes at 2K:
    Fast Attack:
    Landspeeder: Typhoon Missile Launcher
    Landspeeder: Typhoon Missile Launcher
    Thunderwolves: 5x, one with TH, one with SS

    Changes at 2.5K:
    ADD Canis Wolfborn
    UPGRADE Rune Priest to Njal Stormcaller
    ADD Grey Hunters 4: 9x, meltagun, powersword, drop pod (transferred from Longs Fangs)
    CHANGE Wolf Guard to: x4, 4x powerfists, 4x combi-meltas

    Tactics/ Strategy:
    Grey Hunters 3 Pod comes down. Rune Priest separates and Living Lightnings a vehicle. Meltaguns try to kill another vehicle. Dreadnought comes down and TL-Lascannons another vehicle. Long Fangs target light transports/ vehicles/ MCs/ crisis suit style. Vindicator hides to be protected from enemy's initial barrage. In 2k TWCs act as hunter killers, going after wounded units and easy targets using their 19-24" charge range.

    Note: I've played a game with the 1500 list, and it performed very well. Turn 1: Vindicator popped a Land Raider, Dreadnought popped a Vindicator, Long Fangs popped a Rhino, and Heavy Bolters killed Telion and 2 other scouts. After that, things settled down, but he still conceded by turn 3, realizing I could table him fairly easily by turn 5, and we wanted food.

    1. At 2k, would my TWCs be better served by dropping the SS and taking a bunch of melta bombs? The SS has obvious major benefits, but having 5 MBs would allow me to go after easy vehicle kill points (ie. that immobilized Falcon that always ignore because of bigger targets would get killed). Which would you think works better?

    2. At 2.5K, is Njal a good choice for a front line force, where he will be in the think of it, or would I be better served going on the cheap with a basic Rune Priest in case he dies?

    Thanks for reading. Comments, critiques, ideas much appreciated.

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    I would swap out the vindicator and the dreadnought for another grey hunter unit with a TDA WG CML and another rune priest to give you better anti-psyker coverage. Also five drop pods would work better than three with this list. For 2000 points, i would grab two squads of 2x TWC one with a thunder hammer for each unit, then another grey hunter squad that is well equipped and two more drop pods.
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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