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    1500 Point Blood Angels Army List

    Hey guys!
    I am a new player to Warhammer 40k, and I made me decision to play Space Marine Blood Angels, I don't know a great deal about army lists but I musterd up one and I think it's good with a good mix of Ranged/Close Combat inside it, so here it is!

    Space Marine Captain;
    Plasma Pistol
    Power Sword
    Jump Pack

    Space Marine Tactial Squad;
    Missle Launcer
    Power Fist

    Space Marine Tactial Squad;
    Melta Gun
    Heavy Bolter

    Fast Attack:
    Space Marine Assult Squad;
    Lightning Claws

    Space Marine Assult Squad;
    Plasma Pistol
    Power Wepon

    Heavy Support;
    Space Marine Devestator Squad;
    Missle Launcher
    Plasma Pistol

    Space Marine Predator;
    Sponser Lascannons

    Space Marine Vindicator;
    Seige Sheild
    Storm Bolter
    Dozer Blade

    Twin-Linked AutoCannon

    Ok that's it. I choose them vehicals as BA have fast engins inside there vehicals, so I can use the predator to outflank the oppoesing tanks and blow them up early in the game, as I said im going for a army that is strong in Ranged and CloseCombat. I know that most BA players include a Death Company to increase there Assult phrase efficiancy but I am new to Warhammer 40k so I wanna get to grips with it.
    Thanks for reading, this is my first Army List so go easy XD. Please tell me if anything is wrong with the squads.

    P.S: Send me a private message if it is anything regarding my post.

    Last edited by Xious; September 20th, 2010 at 16:47.

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