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Thread: 1700 all round

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    1700 all round

    I have been busy for a couple of weeks making this army list.

    The idea is to have a lot of expendable troops with some specialist troops to deal with particular threats.

    CCS 195
    4 plasma
    Officer of the fleet

    mobile squad that can deal with high T, low AS and FNP squads. The officer is there to hinder my opponents ability to deepstrike.

    PCS 125
    4 melta

    Race forward and destroy a heacy tank while enjoying covering fire. The order this squad can give is used to make the weapons twin linked.

    4 inf. squads 260
    grenade launcher

    the squads will for my fire base and the base of my line. Target light and medium tanks.

    PCS 105
    4 flamers

    Anti horde or if my opponent relies on cover to get to my line.

    2 inf. squads 260
    PW sergeant
    grenade launcher

    My objective claimers and since they are mounted ideal for reinforcing my battle line. I opted to give these sergeants a power weapon since these squads are mobile and a sergeant can't get targeted.

    10 veterans 100
    3 melta

    In support of my first PCS, race forward to destroy a heavy tank

    Vendetta 130
    Transport my veterans and can target heavy armour at long range.

    LRBT 150

    anchor of my fire base

    LR demolisher 205
    plasma side sponsons

    take on 2+ units.

    Collosus 170
    camo cloaks

    This unit is going to blast enemy units away from objectives. If a unit is weakened enough my chimera squads can finish them off.

    Is this list a reliable one or does it needs some tweaking. If you have some constructive criticism I'm always happy. The only thing I dont want to make is a rigorous change in the number of guardsmen.

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    looks pretty good. ummm the meltas in the PCS are not very reliable due to BS3. CCS get a plasma pistol for added AP2 goodness. drop officer of fleet if you are not facing an enemy that deep strikes very often. your heavy support looks pretty good. drop power weapon on sergeants in platoon. umm first platoon though. that is a good amount of men but if they are going to be a firebase, i would strongly suggest getting heavy weapons squad with Autocannons or Lascannons (Auto cannons are much more reliable in terms of light tanks and medium tanks). also that one vet squad is going to get hosed i would consider more vets but its not absolutly vital. also contrary to popular belief, today i wielded a PCS with plasma pistol, two plasma guns, and vox. they were outstanding versus tyranids. they killed a carnifex and took out a couple genesteelers and had a critical assist in killing a tyranid prime. so food for thought there. if u want a good melta squad go with a CCS. but yeah looks good otherwise.

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