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Thread: SW Tournament

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    SW Tournament

    This is for a local tourney. I have made two lists that are almost identical, except one has an landraider crusader and the other replaces the LRC with a Rune Priest, Wolf Guard with Cyclone ML, and a Landspeed Typhoon. Please tell me if you think I should run the LRC or the other stuff. Please don't suggest huge modifications to the list, just pick one or the other because I have what I have and I am not buying more models for this... :-)

    LIST ONE 1997 Points.
    Ragnar Blackmane (Goes with melta GH squad 1)
    Rune Priest (goes with double plasma GH squad)
    Runic armor, chooser, Jaws of WW, Living Lightning
    Wolf Priest (goes with BC in LR Crusader)
    Runic armor, Saga of Warrior Born, Wolf tooth necklace

    HQ total 535 pts.

    10 Grey Hunters: 175 pts
    2 plasma guns, power weapon,

    8 Grey Hunters: 228 pts
    1 melta gun, 1 power weapon, Wolf Standard, Rhino
    Wolf Guard with Combi-melta and Power fist

    8 Grey Hunters: 233 pts
    1 melta gun, 1 power weapon, Mark of the Wulfen, Rhino
    Wolf Guard with Combi-melta and Power fist

    12 Blood Claws: 233 pts
    1 power weapon, 1 flamer
    Wolf Guard with Frost Blade

    TROOP total 869 pts

    5 Wolf Scouts: 178 pts
    2 power weapons, melta bombs, 1 melta gun
    Wolf Guard with Bolter and Power fist

    6 Long Fangs: 140
    5 Missile Launchers

    Land Raider Crusader: 275 pts
    Extra armor, multi-melta.

    LIST 2 is identical except:
    I drop the land raider and for those points I get:

    1 Rune Priest with Plasma pistol, wolf tooth necklace, Living Lightning and Tempest’s Wrath,
    1 Landspeeder Typhoon,
    1 Wolf Guard Terminator with cyclone missile launcher bringing the list to 2000 total.

    So in other words I drop the land raider for 4 missile shots per turn and a Rune Priest.

    Which list is better?

    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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    The second list, but you really need two long fang squads. with 3x ml and 2x lc. That would sort out most of your shooting. For the rune priests, i would leave them with no wargear and give the attacking one MH and JOTWW, the defending rune priest to have LL and either jotww or MH. Also, don't take power weapons, take power fists. That's all i can give without making 'major' modifications . Apart from that stock up on your ale or your wolves won't fight for you ^^. GL in the tourney
    Superior stamina may win battles, but the ability to quickly recover wins wars.

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