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    Want to try something different BA dreads 1750

    I've decided i want to start playing with marines again and after playing an all bike army i want to do something quite different from this. I've decided to have a go at a BA dread list as its bound to look great on the table. Also after painting 100s of night goblins it would be nice to paint just a slightly smaller army! So here we go C & C encouraged and also an idea to lose 8pts so i can come in at 1750.

    Jump Pack
    Thinking Shield of Sanguinus/Blood Lance

    3 x 170
    Furioso Dreadnought
    Blood Talons
    Heavy Flamer
    Drop Pod

    2 x 110
    5 Assault Marines
    Melta Gun

    10 Death Company

    2 x 170
    Death Company Dreadnought
    Blood Talons
    Heavy Flamer
    Drop Pod

    3 x 121
    Rifleman Dreadnought


    As i mentioned i need to drop 8 points somewhere and possibly find points for a transport for the death company. I'm not looking to be all conquering, just having a good game and winning some would keep me happy. I play against mostly marine armies (BT,BA & SW) along with daemons, guard, orks and eldar.

    Thanks in advance.

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