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    Senior Member Tuatara's Avatar
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    GK up against Salamanders

    Hi Folks,

    Going up against some Salamanders. I have two lists, which are almost identical so I won’t list both, just one with a short note on the differences at the bottom. Any thoughts? This guy beat me in a tournament game recently with his IG (he was using my Chimera too!) so I want revenge.

    HQ = 567pts (yes, expensive, but I like tough Termie squads)
    GM with Icon of the Just, Psychic Hood and mastercrafted weapon
    Retinue is 7 Terminators (one with Psycannon, one with Incinerator)

    Elite I = 243
    Inquisitor with Plasma pistol and CCW
    Retinue consists of 2 mystics, 2 gun servitors with MM, and 2 sages. Transport is a Chimera with Multi Laser, heavy flamer, storm bolter, blade and extra armour.

    Elite II = 95
    Eversor Assassin (really want to try this one unless she is totally useless).

    Heavy Support is an LRC

    Justicar, 6 x GK, 2 GK with Incinerators
    Justicar, 6 x GK, 2 GK with Incinerators
    Justicar, 6 x GK, 2 GK with psycannons

    The other list is the same, except take one of the Incinerator troop choices out and add in another LRC, which leaves me enough extra points to give my Inquisitor some Artificer Armour.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Senior Member Aun'Vre's Avatar
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    Hi Tautara,
    The list is good and with good intentions. clearly given some thought. salamanders usually use meltaguns, so you have no tanks, and they have flamers so you have no unarmoured units. Nice. However:
    -Dont bother with GMs. BCs are a lot cheaper and only ever-so-slightly weaker. Also, too many terminators are bad, as they become a very HVT (high value target). Also, dont use incinerators; always use psycannons. ths is true for all units. Using the points from this, you can:

    -Get rid of your Inuisitor's plasma pistol and give him power armour, a storm bolter and a pair of acolytes, one with power armour and one with a storm shield. this way, even if a lascannon round comes your way the SS acolyte has a chance of living. Other than this take wounds from the PA acolyte.

    -As i said, give the troops 1 psycannon a squad, or have a squad of a Justicar and 4 guys, with 2 psycannons. This serves the role of a purgation squad but is still a scoring unit.

    Overall, needs some adjustment but otherwise very good.

    P.S - The eversor assassin is very good if you use her right. Pit her against small, weak units that can put out a large amount of firepower like Tau batlesuits, or use her in conjunction with another unit, or with the inuisitor to do a lot of damage very quickly.
    "Victory is sweet, blood is sweeter." - Aun'Vre

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    HQ: BC+4 Termies with one psy cannon. If you want more get a second unit. Keep these guys away from TH/SS termies unless you have severely weakened their numbers. It may be worth getting a single TH/SS as dread insurance and to instant kill characters.

    Elites: MMs in a chimera are poor as you must survive a turn after getting out of the taxi before you can fire. Firing from the hatch means the tank dooesnt move so it is unlikely enemy tanks will park 11" from you and for you to survive his shooting phase. I would take 3 melta vets so the tank can rush 12", you disembark 2" and fire at an enemy tank. Drop the plasma pistol for a bolt pistol and keep the unit cheap. Don't forget you must buy smoke for the chimera. The assassin is great if used against medium to weak units. A 10 man squad will probably kill him in combat.

    Troops: Drop all special weapons for storm bolters and extra bodies in the units. Meltabombs if you face Land raiders a lot.

    Heavy: It's a lot of points to invest in a big unit when fighting the army with the most twin linked meltaguns in the galaxy. Yes it will transport your termies up the field in safety but it then dies and you could have bought another 5 termies for the cost. It is unlikely you would loose more than that if you had footslogged.
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