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    1500 All-comers hybrid (most likely vs SW & BA)

    Hi, here is a quick list I made to incorporate my 2 Hydras that are nearing completion.

    I like playing a hybrid style, and this will most likely be seeing a lot of SW's and BA's as is the metagame right now.

    CCS, 3 Plasma, Astro, Chim (HHF)

    PCS, 3 Flamers, Chim (HHF)
    Squad1, AC, GL
    Squad2, AC, GL
    Squad3, AC, GL

    Vets, 3 Meltas, Chim (HHF)
    Vets, 3 Meltas, Chim (HHF)


    LRBT (HHF)
    LRBT (HHF)
    Hydra Sqd (2)

    The platoon is for general objective holding/firebase operations as well as anti-deepstriking/assault protection.

    I like to outflank my vendettas if I don't get first turn, and I also like to have the option to run my vets in the outflanking vendettas and have some decoy chimeras if the game goes in that direction.

    This is a fairly generic list. I can forsee difficulties with Landraiders, and possibly troops in cover ie scouts or BA's hiding behind LOS blocking terrain.

    Any thoughts, suggestions or comments?

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    The only thing I would suggest is adding a commissar to your blob platoon, maybe a power weapon if you are looking to face assaults.
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