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    2k tourney list (Salamanders)

    I'm starting up a 2k Salamanders list, and I've already got the 1500 I'm going to use as my core; just trying to season the army with another 500 points. The 1500 is thus far:

    HQ 355
    Vulkan He’stan 190

    Epistolary 165
    -gate of infinity
    -force dome
    -plasma pistol

    Troops 325
    10 Man Tactical Squad 235
    -heavy bolter
    -sgt w/ power sword + bolter
    -sgt w/ melta bombs
    Drop Pod
    -locator beacon

    5 Man Scout Squad 90
    -3 combat blades
    -1 shotgun
    -sgt w/ power sword + bolt pistol

    Elite 585
    Dreadnought 150
    -heavy flamer
    Drop Pod

    5 Man Terminator Squad 200
    -thunder hammers + storm shields

    8 Sternguard Veterans 235
    -sgt w/ powerfist + bolter
    -2 meltaguns

    Fast 235
    Land Speeder 70
    -tornado heavy flamer

    Land Speeder Storm 65

    2 Attack Bikes 100

    As you can see, the army is pretty high speed. The Sternguard are going to be baby-sat by the Epistolary to teleport them to the fight and lay down some fire while Vulkan ends up with the tact squad in the drop pod for the turn 2 assault. I plan on running full tilt at the enemy w/ this build.

    I can't decide what to put out for the 2000 point list - I know I'm lacking in the troop department, so I was thinking of 2 10 man tact squads in a rhino each. or maybe just one tact squad with a couple of thunderfire cannons for supporting fire. or 30 sniper scouts. I wanna know where I'm lacking and where I can improve on an already tested solid list (not really looking to change anything listed - just the 500 points I'm going to add)

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    Epistolary with avanger and gate, together with some locator beacons (srg. tele-homer wont work). Try take two of those with plasma tacticals and get a unit of scout bikers with beacon. Also add beacon to drop pod.
    I don't know if its super compeditive, but its a lot of fun.

    So I guess I would buy:
    1 Epistolary - 150
    w/ gate and avanger

    1 Tactical - 190
    w/ plasma and combi-plasma.

    1 Scout Bike Squad - 100
    w/ beacon and melta-bombs.

    Total 440 points

    I would then drop the plasma pistol on your other liby, and give him gate and avanger.
    Run one liby with the sterns and the other with plasma tacticals. Maybe switch the meltaguns on the sterns for four combi-melta - allowing them to keep special ammo, and increase chance to take out landraiders.

    You could also drop the srg/ homer, as it is only your terms that can make use of it (they may also use the beacons). Finaly you could add another two sterns with Heavy Flamers. Together with avanger, and special ammo, they could really put the hurt on hordes.

    This does little to deal with your lack of troops. Running your scouts with snipers and dropping your storm would do two things. Less risk to your scoring unit, and less "flimsy" kill points.

    And do note, I play one small tournament a year, and havent won so far. So this is by no means a master-class advice. I do have a lot of fun with my lists!

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