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    1850 Straken Magical Circus

    Hey guys, i'm not here to look for advice on an army list this time, I just thought i would comment on a particular list that i came upon through Vassal i watched a guy Table the opposing army in the 1st shooting phase. This army wouldn't do well in a competitive scene but it seemed very fun to play, although from what it seems alot of things have to go correct for it to work right. I didn't come up with this list and have forgotten the username of the player who did, (when i find him again i'll make sure to give him credit for it)

    Company Command Squad 235 Colonel Straken, Meltaguns (3), Medic, Bodyguard (2)
    Company Command Squad 190 Power-Fist, Meltagun (3), Medic, Bodyguard (2), Astropath, Krak Grenades
    Veterans Squad Power-Fist, Meltagun (3), Demolitions 145
    Veterans Squad Power-Fist, Meltagun (3), Demolitions 145
    Veterans Squad Power-Fist, Meltagun (3), Demolitions 145
    Veterans Squad Power-Fist, Meltagun (3), Demolitions 145
    Guardsman Marbo 65
    Vendetta (2) 260
    Vendetta (2) 260
    Vendetta (2) 260

    The main key to this list working at all is getting 1st turn; without it, and with so few models for a guard army at this point lvl your likely to get shot down very quickly and not have enough fire power come 2nd turn to do much of anything. You also have to rely on the opponent deploying close to his 12inch limit and holding nothing back in reserves.

    So this player got 1st turn and deployed everything except marbo, he deployed as close as possible to the center of the board. Scouted up 12 inches, then on turn 1 moved up another 12 inch. Unloaded all the troops, and advanced the troops 6 inches. At this point everyone was in range of the enemy by now. Then the player proceeded to Throw out 4 demo charges, 12 melta shots, a few las pistol shots and 18 twin linked las cannons. With the amount of firepower that was unleashed at once the enemy (a low model count Daemonhunter list) didn't have much left. A good %75 of the Grey Knights were blown to nothing, as well as a few accidental self inflicted demo charges . The rest of the battle was pretty uneventful, the entire IG army led by a Furious Charge granting Straken, assaulted in and proceeded to mop up, only to have the opposing player say "ok i give up you win" and log off..

    So I'm not necessarily promoting that someone go and play this type of army, i'm merely sharing an experience that i observed. This army seems to be very powerful against small elite armies. It relies on several things to go correct and 1 thing not going to plan can ruin your success. And most importantly this list could very well ruin the other players experience, saying its a cheese list, or its unsportsmanlike, or tailored for killing space marines and the like. I recommend if playing this list keep it in a friendly non competitive game.

    I think its nice to throw a curve ball when creating an IG list. Having an assault oriented army is very different and while not the army i prefer, (i play mech myself) it does seem to be fun if used right.

    So what do you guys think? Have you seen anything like this? Would you try it? Does it cry CHEESE!! Thanks for taking the time to read this giant wall of txt.


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    The main issues I see are the relatively fragile vendettas making up the bulk of your long range anti-armor. Not getting to shoot first could hurt, AV12 and the squadron rule is not a place I like to be. immobilize = destroy can potentially blunt the effectiveness of your first and 2nd turns of shooting.

    This list would suffer against horde lists, tyrnanid guant lists and ork tide lists in particular.

    This list can throw out a painful alpha strike, and seems to be tailored against vehicles, and MEQ. I personally favor greater flexibility in my own lists. This one could benefit from some plasma to increase its range a bit, but I understand that it is assault focused.
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    Emperor's Tarot is really going to spoil your day. I think that building an army around alpha striking is really lame. As you describe, if it works it leads to the opponent walking away because vs certain armies it's all over on turn one. I really can't see it giving the kind of play experience suited to "casual" or "non-competitive" play. It's a glass hammer that will smash up some armies but get hopelessly bashed by anything with more than 70 models.
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    Lists like these made the rounds when the new codex first came out. The only time I have seen one was at that year's 'Ard Boyz Semis, where the guy ended up on the last table fighting Necrons at the end of the day.

    Stormies in Chimeras can do something similar, but the right circumstances to make it work (first turn, pitched battle or spearhead deployment) don't come up very often. I've gotten the chance to do that exactly *once* in the 20+ games I've played with that capability.

    If an opponent expects the alpha-strike (either version) they can prepare for it. Simply putting a line of expendable infantry on your 12" line and backing your armor up 4.24" behind them will nix the threat of short-range meltas and first turn meltabomb charges quite nicely. If an opponent has infiltrators, they can put another line out 5" in front of that one and shut you down completely.
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