Hey guys, its been nearly 4 months since I last played, so I'm a bit rusty. My local store is having another tourney at the beginning of November so I figure I should participate again. Won the last tourney with my blood angels, and came in third in the one before that with my tyranids so I'm also expected by my peers to participate.

Anyways here's a list I came up with and I hope you all would be kind enough to help me improve my list.

Sanguinor -275pts
Mephiston - 250 pts

Sanguinary Priest, x2 Priest, +Corbulo -275pts

Assault Marine, +5 men, 2x Flamer, Powerfist -225pts
Assault Marine, +5 men, 2x meltagun, powerfist -235pts
assault marine, +5 men, 1x flamer, 1x meltagun, powerfist -230pts
Assault marine, Razorback, powerfist -145pts

Fast Attack
scout bike squad, powerfist -95pts

Predator, side sponson las cannon -135pts
Predator, side sponson las cannon -135pts


The idea is to have the razorback in the lead with corbulo also inside. one full squad of assault marines plus/or sanguinor in the back using it as a cover.

scout bikers will infiltrate, scout move and possibly first turn powerfisting a vehicle.

predator provide long range anti mech for the rest of the troops.

sanguinor and mephiston will always be behind a squad of assault marine or the razorback to recieved cover. mostly just mephiston though.

The opponents that I am facing currently are a kan wall ork army. another blood angel army. chaos marines (if I rememeber correctly, tzeech), a salamander vanilla army, Imperial guards (tank heavy), Imperial guard (troop Heavy), two tau army (not really worry there). there's more, but this is all I can remember.

My previous army list which won me the previous tourney is about the same as this one, except I used Dante with Mephiston, 2 baal predator with firestorm, no scout bike squad but a regular scout squad, no 5 men assault squad. I was also using 3 priest and no Corbulo. Reason why i change things so much is I find the 2 baal predator really under perform except for a first turn explosion or immobilize for the rest of the game. Dante did ok, but I expected him to do much more.

As it stands, Corbulo with the 5 men assault squad in a razorback is a big maybe. since a razorback is only armour 11, I can imagine it being pop right off the bat. But I don't know how I wanna change it around.

So yeah, thanks in advance in helping me out.