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    2000 Line of Guns: Can I shoot? or can I shoot?

    Is it just me? Or does this list seem to kick a lot of ass?

    So the mortar doesn't spot for the MoO(http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_...Guard_2009.pdf]),
    but they could still kill dudes and cause pinning checks, or could I better use the points elsewhere?

    1 CCS – Cloaks, 2 Snipers, Mortar, MoO, Astropath 145
    1 Lord Commissar – P. Fist, camo cloak 95

    5-man STS – Airborne, 2 Melta 105
    5-man STS – Airborne, 2 Melta 105
    Marbo 65

    1 PCS – GL/AC 45
    1 Inf. Squad – GL/AC 65
    1 Inf. Squad – GL/AC 65
    1 Inf. Squad – GL/AC 65
    2 HWS – 3 LC 210

    1 PCS – 3 flamers 45
    1 X 30 Combined – Commissar, 4 PW, 3 Melta Bombs 240

    Veteran Squad – Harker, HB, 3 Snipers 150

    LRBT – Plasma cannons 190
    LRBT – Plasma cannons 190
    LRBT – Plasma cannons 190

    Believe it or not I still have 30 pts left over, not sure what to do with it....
    Should I give Harker's squad Plasma guns or GL's or an AC?
    Give the blob Melta-Guns or GL's or flamers?
    Something totally different?

    So the CCS twin-links the LC HWS's to blow up high AV or MC I guess...
    Then use the snipers and mortar/MoO to kill stuff and cause pinning checks with -1Ld cuz of Ordnance barrage,
    Lord Commie keeps everyone around and boosts orders/morale checks,
    Stormtroopers blow up High AV/MC's,
    AC's pop transports,
    Blob charges for an objective, maybe backed up by PCS to FRFSRF,
    LR's spit BC/PC death onto infantry or transports in a pinch, this HS setup seems very badass on paper, anybody used it before?

    I'm actually amazed I could fit ALL of this into one list! With room to spare!
    Let me know what you think or would do differently.

    Last edited by TheShirtLessMan; October 22nd, 2010 at 03:01.

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