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    5000 point apocalypse army

    Army List:
    *art of battle company.
    **art of suppression company.

    Vulkan He'Stan. 190 points.
    *Captain Astorius, twin lightning claws, artificer. 145 points.
    Command squad w/ standard, champion, 3 pairs of power swords and plasma pistols. 235 points.
    5-man terminator assault squad, 3 lightning claw pairs, 2 thunder hammer and storm shields. 200 points.
    Sternguard squad w/ combi-plasma(or melta, cant recall) and power fist. 155 points.
    Ironclad dready w/ assault launchers, 2 hk, chainfist, and dual heavy flamers. 195 points.
    Legion of the damned squad w/ plasma gun, plasma cannon, storm bolter. 205 points.
    *6 tactical squads. Each squad has a power sword sarge. 4 squads have lascannons, and 1 of those squads is equipped with melta guns. The other 3 have flamers. The remaining 2 squads have heavy bolters and melta guns. 1165 points.
    Fast Attack:
    *2 assault squads of 5 men. 1 squad has dual lightning claw sarge, other has claw and plasma pistol sarge.
    **Land speeder w/ HB and Ass Cannon. 90 points.
    Heavy Support:
    *2 Dev squads. 1 has plasma cannon, 2 missile launchers, and 1 HB, while the 2nd has dual plasma cannons, and 2 HB's. 330 points.
    Thunderfire cannon. 100 points.
    **2 whirlwinds. 170 points.
    Super-Heavy Support:
    Warhound titan w/ turbo-laser destructor and plasma destructor. 750 points.
    Stormlord. 500 points.

    Total points cost: 4970 points (should be, feel free to make corrections)
    Total Monetary cost: $562.46 (I got stormlord for free from a store employee who felt bad that I had no tanks. Literally. The other employee in the store didn't raise a single complaint. I still own the masterfully painted tank)

    Basic Tactics: My 4 lascannon tac squads form up a firing line and unload a fusillade of power. My other 2 tac squads go into the stormlord along with the terminator squad and command squad. The stormlord deploys at the front and on turn 2, boosts into the enemy. The devastators are behind the tac squads at an ideally elevated position. The assault squads hide right behind tac squads until they jump into action. The warlord shoots a respectable amount of templates a turn. The remaining troops just lay down torrents of fire at the enemy. The dready stays infront of tac squads as bait.

    "Yeah, see this gun? S6, AP5, Heavy 4 Blast. Was playing annihilation the other day against Tau. Won 3-2. This unit was responsible for all my kills. 100 points of awesome. Oh, and there are 3 modes of fire."

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    A couple things:
    -the weapons on the devastator squads should all be the same, or matched 2 and 2. Otherwise you'll be wasting shots on something
    -try and get more power fists into there somewhere. They'll save your ass against dreadnoughts and MCs. I've generally got one on every sergeant.

    Not bad overall, I'm as aware as anyone that apoc lists are often dictated as much by model availability as anything else.

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