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    1500 Ultramarines *need some advice*

    Ok so heres my first go at my Ultramarines army. Keep in mind that I only have a select amount of models and this is about the best I can do with them.

    1500 points-


    Capitan- Storm Bolter, Thunder Hammer
    Command Squad- Standard, Champion, meltagun, plamsa pistol
    ALL IN DROP POD- locator beacon

    10 Tac- flamer, missile launcher, Power Fist - DROP POD - Locator Beacon
    10 Tac- Melta, Missile Launcher, Power Fist- Drop Pod - Locator Beacon

    5 Termies - Assault Cannon
    5 Termies assault squad - TH&SS

    10 Assault - 2 plasma pistol, power weapon

    and thats about all i can get in. Now this is my very FIRST Space Marines list so please be gentle... Criticism is most wanted.

    the plan is to have the 2 melty pods drop in and melt enemy armor. then the other to drop on objective or what not. I plan on combat squading the tacs. the termies DS in at the non-melty for fire support, while the CC termies get in the fray with the Melty pods. Assault is for some flexibility.

    Model wise i have
    2 tac
    1 command
    5 man termie
    5 man CC termie
    2 assault - 10 man total
    3 drop pod
    1 master of chapter box (using as my Capitan)
    1 Land raider crusader

    What could i do better/more effective....
    Thanks AMS

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    Locator beacon is a nice touch but, it doesnt work for your assault terminator as well as your regular terminators. Reason why is that you cant assault after you teleport in.

    If you can, switch out your gear for your assault squad for 2 flamers or 2 meltaguns, or one of each. power weapon is good, but a powerfist is a bit better.

    The regular terminator with assault cannon, change it to cyclone and it will be a beast in my opinion.

    Remember to split your tactical squad into combat squad so they can use those heavy weaponry to the max.

    The captain doesnt need a thunderhammer. you want to use the best of his initiative. drop the stormbolter and thunderhammer for a relic blade and a storm shield. and if you wanna make him more bad ass, give him artificer armour. you now have basically a terminator thats strength 6, with a 2+ save/3+ invul, and a regular pistol.

    You dont need that many locator beacon. at most 2, at least just 1. you drop down half of your pods turn 1, which means only 2 since you have 3. So one of your locator beacon will be useless. having the two pods that comes in first turn with locator beacon, you get flexibility on where you drop down.

    Dont have my codex in front of me but get the banner i believe instead of the standard. a +1 to attack is always a good thing. and if your command squad survived and those assault termies and assault marines comes in. nasty thing for your opponent,

    If you can, get the crusader out, put the assault terminator in it.

    hope this helps
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    I def agree with kazukun. Keep in mind im farily new too.

    But I would load my assualt termies into the land raider so they can assualt out of that and they get cover while you advance up. Also remember to tank shock!

    You only need one locaotr beacon, I would put it on the pod with the command squad. After they drop whcih will be in round 1 then in round 2 have your second pod drop next to it and can get the +1 attack from the standard.

    Also, give a both Tac squads Sergeants a teleport homer. It will allow you to deep strike your termies next to it without scatter and you will have the option of two spots to place them.

    I would cut the Fast attack assuatl marines and add the land raider. I just prefer Heavy over Fast attack, and unless you have a chaplian or are playing BA, I'm not a big fan of the assualt marines.

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